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Weber 48 DCOE
JacksAvon - 15/8/21 at 01:00 PM

Hi all,

I have inherited a 2lt Zetec black top, fitted with weber 48 dcoe carbs

I am told it is/was a race engine.
Fitted with those huge carbs, what BHP can I expect.
I am guessing some cam and valving has gone on.
I dont have the time to strip it yet, just after some rough guides/experience

Any clues please?

pigeondave - 16/8/21 at 06:47 AM

Having a look at the Dunnell web site
and option 3 it says 212-223bhp*

it also says

*Using 45 DCOE carburettors. Additional power is available with larger chokes, but with a loss of idle quality and low speed torque. Piston pockets may be required for valve clearance

When I went from carbs to injection I actually lost a bit of mid-range power (few bhp) due to the chokes being bigger on the Atpower throttle bodies and the flow speed being lower.

This is the list of what option 3 is.

I had the piston pockets

number-1 - 16/8/21 at 04:28 PM

If you need any spares for the carbs i have lots of bits for sale HERE

JacksAvon - 17/8/21 at 05:46 PM

Thanks all, a bit clearer now.

Will call the engine builders, Connaught engines, in the morning

JacksAvon - 21/8/21 at 02:16 PM

Engine guilders responded.

183 bhp all on completely standard internals.