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Author: Subject: MULTIPLAZ 3500

posted on 25/1/11 at 09:07 PM Reply With Quote

Anyone got practical experience with this piece of kit?


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posted on 25/1/11 at 09:22 PM Reply With Quote
Looks crap to me welds full of perocity and weld pool does not look like it is fusing properly, the weld pool is just sitting on the top the parent metal.
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posted on 25/1/11 at 11:41 PM Reply With Quote
They don't list any dealers in UK so most of us will not have had any experience of the equipment. Any pricing would be useful for anyone interested though as our nearest dealer would be in Belgium.

yours, Pete

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posted on 26/1/11 at 01:40 AM Reply With Quote
looks more like a plumbing soldering tool rather than welding to me


IVA manual link

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posted on 16/3/11 at 08:08 PM Reply With Quote
Multiplaz 3500 welder

I have used this product when i visited the factory in China.
The product is a fantastic idea but 2 problems.
1. The electrical supply is 3500 watts it needs 16amps on 240v most UK sockets are 13 amp this means you need an upgraded socket to 16 amps + or use it on a 16amp socket on a generator.
2. Due to the nanny state in the UK you are not allowed to sell alcohol over the counter with out a licence this is probably becusae they think you will drink it, (pure alcohol will probably kill you if not make you blind if you do drink it) actualy they will be deprived of the tax.
The alcohol is used combined 50% with water for the welding instead of the gas shield, this is to protect from impurities in the welding process.

If these problems can be over come which i think they can, there is a fantastic product you don't need heavy welding kit or bottles of gas it actualy goes in a hold all, so neet and compact for you.
You can cut most materials even cut ceramic with it! You can weld & solder just about any material including glass, you can even weld disimilar metals ie copper to steel!
The machine is built in China & before you condem the Chinese, the quality is excellent it is also dual voltage so it can be used abroad.
I am looking to import this product but would welcome your comments & interest in it. I would of course back it with a full parts & after sales service.

Please email me on i would like to hear from you.

With regards to the weld quality mentioned by some one the fualts in the weld you saw could be down to how the machine is being used. When i used it i checked the weld for perosity it was fine this was the first time i had used this machine. oh you can actually cut under water! I have seen it demonstrated but only with the nozzel submersed.

Price depending on volume about 1900 + vat although this could be reduced substatially with larger volumes.

I think this is competetive when you consider what you require for conventional welding equipment + you can off set it against tax.

I would be prepared if there is enough interest to get a sample for you all to try out and if you like the product i would offer you depending on volume a reduced price?

This reduces your risk try before you buy and get a reduced price what risk?

you can email me now



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posted on 17/3/11 at 09:53 AM Reply With Quote
Unfortunately I havn't used this model, but:
This looks like a 'browns gas'/'water gas' welder as far as I can see(search the web). The water gas welders (asuming I'm right) generates O2 and H2 by electrolosys of water with some caustic in it, and then you burn those gasses to weld or cut. Compared to oxy hydrogen welding they have the advantages that you dont have cylinders of dangerous gas stored/rental to pay, and you always get the right ration of H2 and O2 so not much chance of hydrogen embrittlement. Water gas welders often burn the gas over an electric arc to get even more heat, and bubble the gas through methanol or ethanol (some of which is carried over and burnt to increase the heat output. The only one I've used was very low power (jewelers one) without the arc or methanol. Water gas welding without the methanol/arc has been used in the jewelry industry for years, and you can use the flame to fuse quartz etc.

Disadvantages as far as I know:
You can freeze the caustic soln in winter if your workshop isnt used all the time.
High initial cost, but no cylinder rentals.
Low welding power compared to arc etc, but this kit has are reinforcement and methanol bubbler to improve that aspect.

One of the interesting things about an oxy/hydrogen flame is its unique burn - its an imploding flame - the flame speed is so fast, and this keeps the heat in the actual flame - you can hold your fingers right next to it. This is why it can burn underwater and is sometimes used on oil rigs. This also means normal flashback arrestors don't work - they rely on explosive force to operate, so imploding flames wont operate them. The usual safety feature is sintered metal pellet to take the heat from the flame, together with bubbling the H/O mixture through a small tube and through a non flamable liquid to protect the main gas generating chamber.

Don't know if thatinfos of any use to anyone!

ETA :EBO - can you not use methylated spirits instead of pure alcohol - this is freely available in the uk.

[Edited on 17/3/11 by hughpinder]

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