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Author: Subject: Leaking hydraulic lift.

posted on 27/1/11 at 01:41 PM Reply With Quote
Leaking hydraulic lift.

Hi chaps

My lift is leaking out the ram, it leaks enough to make a mess on the floor, after a few uses. it seems to drip only when I lower the lift and it comes from fluid on the ram being scooped off on thie way down.

It never loses any height, i left it for 2 months with a car on it and it didnt sink at all.

any idea what is causing it? On top of the case there is a cap that looks like it can be removed, im assuming there are a bunch of o rings inside are these just normal o rings or are they a special type?

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posted on 27/1/11 at 02:12 PM Reply With Quote
Could be a few things, probably just worn seals. When under a lot of pressure they seal as they will be quite distorted, no pressure they relax, they leak. Take it apart to see what is in there, hopefully something better than O rings if it is a car lift! Hopefully you can buy a seal kit from the supplier. If you get really stuck send me a U2U.

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posted on 27/1/11 at 04:49 PM Reply With Quote
There is usually an oil scraper at the top of the fixed part of cylinder to wipe the ram as it extends. There should not be excessive oil on the rams when they leave the cylinder.


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posted on 27/1/11 at 04:53 PM Reply With Quote
I stripped a ram of a bike lift and took it to a local hydraulics place. He walked along a row of bins and picked out a full set of seals and 5L of new fluid. wasnt that dear.
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posted on 27/1/11 at 07:39 PM Reply With Quote
I'm with big_wasa, a hydraulic specialist will probably fix it better, quicker & quite possibly cheaper than the manufacturer/dealer of the lift.
I fix rams all the time at work (I'm an agric engineer) & they ar'nt complicated, most problems with fixing them are related to the enviroment they're working in, outside in the weather & all sorts else means corrosion is often a problem but I'm thinking your ram will have had an easy life indoors & should'nt present any problems.

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