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Author: Subject: Dutch IVA

posted on 9/8/11 at 09:57 PM Reply With Quote
Dutch IVA

I know there are a few Dutch members on here. And I wondered, only members or actual builders? And if actual builders then how do they go about getting it road legal. From what I heard it became harder to register in the UK and then import to the Netherlands. But at the same time regulations on individual tests in the Netherlands became feasible.

When reading through the detailed test regulation sheet it seems quite similar to the UK IVA. Even quite lenient on some points due to lack of proper test equipment. Which I'd assume would be bought if they get more cars to test. So now there are quite a few visual only test, where IVA testers seem to have some fancy equipment/gadgets for.

If I happen to overlook a key point, I'd be interested to know what that point might be.

But to get to my main question. Are there people on here that actually got through the Dutch test (not to long ago)? And what was it like?

It might not happen any time soon, as I don't have the space, time or money for it at this time. But I do quite fancy building a car from scratch. Which would probably a sevenesque midi, most likely based on the quite promising Midlana. But would want it road legal...

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posted on 10/8/11 at 09:27 AM Reply With Quote
Are you in Holland?
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posted on 10/8/11 at 10:12 AM Reply With Quote
... or one of the other Dutch provinces?

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posted on 10/8/11 at 02:42 PM Reply With Quote
My neighbor got his ZCars mini through, it was one of the first cars to go through the Dutch IVA scheme, it took him a while, nut i gather that was more due to the scheme coming online than the difficulty. We haven't discussed it in detail, but it didn't sound enormously difficult.

Being British it was easier for me to take the car back to the UK, and import it into the Netherlands once it was on British plates so don't have experience first hand. There is quite a growing kitcar scene in the Netherlands, and the community seems to be quite supportive.

If your going down the commercial route, IE paying for somebody to do the paperwork, shop around and make sure you know what your getting, I've spoken to some real cowboys when it comes to kit car stuff over here. (No different than anywhere else really.) A lot of them will just cut and shut in a dutton chassis number, with the growing number of kit cars on the road over here I'd expect that sooner rather than later there will be no tolerance of this practice, especially not now there is an IVA scheme in place.

Worst case you can always have the car shipped to the UK, registered and exported again, there is always a way to get the car legitimately registered, thankfully it appears the process is becoming much easier so don't let the paperwork put you off your build.

Best regards


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posted on 10/8/11 at 07:28 PM Reply With Quote
I live in one of the other Dutch provinces Just south of the city Groningen.

Thanks Irvined, good to hear of at least 1 person passing. As I said, on paper it looks quite similar to the UK IVA, but the Dutch government has been very strict about non type approved cars. So I wondered if it was as good in practise as on paper. And no the paperwork wouldn't stop me, unless it would be completely impossible to get it road legal. But I'd prefer to keep it in my own control, and wouldn't like sending it off to the UK to have it tested.

It's mainly money that's holding me back. Got enough to live from, but not much to spare... And no room to build at this place, no money to get a bigger house (or a small house with a big garage )

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