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Author: Subject: pinto weak spark & timing marks please

posted on 19/10/11 at 05:53 PM Reply With Quote
pinto weak spark & timing marks please

hi all again first things first timing marks on crank pulley of the pinto ive got 5 marks looking at the engine head on and going clock wise the first mark i presume is tdc are the other marks 2 degrees apart? cos when i try to set the timing up i can only get it to sit on tdc mark or the 5th marker when the cam pulley is all lined up. what should it be 8, 10 degrees or as jacko suggests 12 degrees for full power? should i be able to have the crank pulley more or less where i want it?
ive also have a very yellow spark at the plugs, the dizzy is a motorcraft with a digital ignition module fitted which is only 2 weeks old and worked perfectly prior to the head being skimmed and kent fr32 cam fitted plugs are only about 500 miles old leads and cap are only about 1000 miles old tried a brand new coil but still only gave a crappy yellowish spark at the plugs when i removed the head there was 3 earth wires 2 going to the body and one to the battery these have been checked and i think there ok any idea's????

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posted on 19/10/11 at 06:07 PM Reply With Quote
Front pulley rotates clockwise, so the first mark to arive at the TDC indicator will be BTDC, the last one to arrive at the TCD pointer will be TDC on the crank. The crank pulley indents are generally at 2degree intervals so you ideally want the running timing to be at about 8degrees (4 indents) before TDC. IF that makes sense.

As for yellow spark, is that with the engine running or static. Only suggestions at the mo are poor leads, poor king lead, rotor arm high resistance, coil faulty, cap faulty.

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posted on 19/10/11 at 06:15 PM Reply With Quote

When set up like this 0 degree spark mark on the pulley (not shown in the diagram) should be on the TDC mark.
Using a strobe light, engine on tickover, rotate distributor until strobe lights up the 8 degree mark.
When revving the engine to 3600 rpm the strobe should light up the pulley at 36 to 38 degrees.
You probably won't have a mark on the pulley.

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posted on 19/10/11 at 06:45 PM Reply With Quote
would the kent fr32 cam have an effect i position it as in the diagram and then line up the crank and visa versa with tension on cam belt on the dizzey pulley side then i release the tensioner to take up the slack i then rotate the engine twice and it still ends up tdc or 10 degrees nothing in between. is the cam not helping things? because i tried about 20 times to day and 5-6 times yesterday but could only get it to sit on tdc or 10 degrees
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posted on 19/10/11 at 08:02 PM Reply With Quote
I may be wrong, but the way I understand it -

If the dizzi is driven from the lower right pulley on the drawing, and if you are setting that up in the same position relative to the crankshaft every time, unless you adjust the dizzi, the spark will always be in the same position.

I do not no how the dizzy you have works, but the basics I do know will give the following symptoms.

If there is no vacum advance - disconnected pipe or damaged vacuum servo, there will be no change in spark position at low RPM.

If you are reving the engine and still no change, the mechanicle advance mechanism may be jammed.



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posted on 21/10/11 at 12:10 PM Reply With Quote
Do you still have a black box on the side of the distributor?, if so bin it , it is for radio suppresion and will cause a weak spark. A tip I was told years ago with the Motorcraft distributor using points was to fit an extra earth lead between one of the points securing screw and one of the base plate screws which had the effect of reducing the voltage drop across the points giving a better spark. It may well be worth trying with your electronic set up . As for timing the cam then you really need to ignore the cam timing marks and may well need a vernier pulley to get the cam correctly timed? IIRC Burtonpowers catalogue and possibly website show the correct way to time camshafts . Well worth a look. The standard timing mark for the cam is likely to be well out with a modified cam and skimming the head will have the effect of retarding the cam timing
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