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Author: Subject: Refurbing Brake Calipers

posted on 25/10/11 at 11:15 AM Reply With Quote
Refurbing Brake Calipers

Been doing some 4 pot calipers for my Impreza, and as a lot of people here use Electrolysis to clean brake calipers, I thought I would show the alternative, slower but some say safer method of acid bathing.

4 Days in Citric Acid solution @20% (2kg to 10 litres of water) sells this on Ebay at 19.99 for 5kg's

Pressure washed every day, and replaced in solution.

Remaining solution is stored in a 20lire plastic vegetable oil container, but equally can be poured down the drain as completely biodegradeable (citric acid is a foodstuff).

Hope this helps someone with their donor car, not recommended for brake discs or high strength steel due to the potential for hydrogen embrittlement (although lower chance than electrolysis it isn't worth the risk).

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posted on 25/10/11 at 11:49 AM Reply With Quote
Vinegar works well too and its cheap
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posted on 25/10/11 at 03:52 PM Reply With Quote
I would question if the acid bath is safer, after all the acid will have a small effect on the iron.
I cleaned stuff up with electrolysis (which is harmless to iron/steel), washed off well, then left in citric acid for a few hours to finish off. Then a quick dunk in some phosphoric to stop flash rusting.

Very pleased, as it is MUCH less grief than those wore brushes

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posted on 25/10/11 at 05:20 PM Reply With Quote
Coincidentally was reading up on this type of thing earlier & found a post where instead of using a full 20litres or so of solution, guy
put items to clean into a (smaller) plastic bag full of solution (say 3 litres for explanations sake) which was then suspended in a bucket
of water.
The pressure pushing on the bag meant acid surrounded the parts without the need to make up & store 20+ litres.

Seemed geniusly simple....

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