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Author: Subject: Pre Xmas locost build for the kids?

posted on 24/9/12 at 08:28 PM Reply With Quote
Pre Xmas locost build for the kids?

Found this by accident when trawling ebay Looks like a good idea for a quick build and Christmas present. I can just see a locostbuilders series in the New Year to see whose kid can get the best out of someone's old cordless drill. Actually probably a brand new supped up re-wound drill judging by some of the competitiveness around here maybe we can have separate classes for drills that have been used during a build, new drills and customised drills

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posted on 24/9/12 at 09:09 PM Reply With Quote
The drawings, the instructions and every thing that comes with the kit is, frankly, not very good and the things required dont exsist any more. My dad bought 3 kits and im currently modifying 1 of them so every thing works properly then we might make the other 2 depending on cost.

the main faults are

1) They dont make the wheely bin anymore.
2) They dont make the basket anymore.
3) The wheels are bloody expensive.
4) The diagram has been copied so many times that if you cut the MDF to shape it doesnt fit together, so bad that the dash parts are over a inch out and can be modified so im making my own. They obviously dont copy from a original or print from a computer draft every time, they just copy a copy.

You can have a half built kit if you want? ive got 2, with wheely bins and baskets and wheels that do fit, and all the parts cut (needs a dash though)


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posted on 25/9/12 at 07:47 AM Reply With Quote
I recon a few minutes looking at that site would give most folk on here enough ideas to start designing there own

when me and my brothers were younger my dad built us petrol powered go karts out of scrap greenkeeping machines, some of them could manage around 20 -25mph - that might not sound like much, but 20mph on gravel when your 8 years old is quick (just as well we had some space on the farm...)


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