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Author: Subject: wireless cctv camera

posted on 10/3/14 at 05:28 PM Reply With Quote
wireless cctv camera

I am not clued up on this at all but I need to look into setting up a surveillance system.

So looking for a wireless camera with nightvision (IR). There needs to be either 3 or 4 cameras, communicating to a recording system (if such are available - most seem to use cables) or to a computer using software such as Vitamin D (known known as Sighthound).

Any ideas?

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posted on 10/3/14 at 05:39 PM Reply With Quote
Unless you have a MASSIVE house. I wouldnt be too fussed about wireless for a start. The hassle wiring for power is only slightly less hassle than wiring for power and signal.
Is it for deterant or serious checking of security concerns?
If the former then go for a cheapo maplin system, with lower res cameras but full network support and comprehensive interface.
If you really want to make out detailed faces then ensure you go for a higher res system or (unless they look directly at the camera within 2m) you wont make much out.

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posted on 10/3/14 at 08:23 PM Reply With Quote
Wouldnt even bother with wireless, youve still got to take power to the camera and for what you'll pay for wireless you'll only get low resolution.
Maplins stuff is cheap cr@p at a high price and wont last long.
IP Cameras are the way to go coupled with an NVR, resolution is 1080 pixel.
If you want a price give me a u2u.

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posted on 11/3/14 at 12:04 AM Reply With Quote
check out Aldi. They have a wireless colour/ black and white security cam with night vision and recording. 50, got to be worth a punt.


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