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Author: Subject: Poor swmbo again!
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posted on 30/3/14 at 04:21 PM Reply With Quote
Poor swmbo again!

After a very pleasant Sunday lunch at Buckfast Abbey (recommended), we had a very spirited drive down to Dartington, all was well with the world, I braked heavily to allow an old dodderer to turn onto the road in front of me instead of into me.
This let a blackbird take flight just across the front of us, its timing for a huge crap was impeccable, it just missed the windscreen and dropped just behind, to hit my beloved right on the forehead with a splat. After all the yacky noises had stopped and my laughter had subsided, she asked me if I had a tissue, I could not help myself, I said "don't be daft, it'll be miles away by now"
She punched me!

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posted on 30/3/14 at 05:02 PM Reply With Quote


Logic will get you from a A to B
Imagination will take you everywhere.

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posted on 30/3/14 at 06:10 PM Reply With Quote
Best story ever!
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posted on 30/3/14 at 07:22 PM Reply With Quote
Brilliant - SWMBO and I both enjoyed it - she reminded me of the time we were racing our trapeze dinghy in a strong wind her out on trapeze when I said "sheet the jib in more" and she said "I'm trying, I'm trying" to which I replied "No you're not - you're bl--dy exasperating"
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posted on 30/3/14 at 11:11 PM Reply With Quote
The old ones are still the best We went to the fair and my missus wanted to go on the rides but I said they make me feel sick. Anyway she went on the Waltzer and the car broke off and went flying. I got to her and said " are you hurt ?" she said " too bloody right, eight times I went round and you never waved once "

yours, Pete

I went into the RSPCA office the other day. It was so small you could hardly swing a cat in there.

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