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Author: Subject: Replacing a pinto

posted on 16/1/15 at 11:23 AM Reply With Quote
Replacing a pinto

Hi All,

I currently have a Tiger CAT E1 with a 2.0 Pinto on twin 40 dellorto carbs mounted to a type 9 box. I want to change the engine for something lighter, offer better ground clearance and will be cheaper to run and if I can get away with it maybe a little bit more power.

I want to buy it with the money I get from my pinto. So I would like to know what would be a fair value of a 120+ hp engine with carbs go for.

I have spoken to a few other owners and they say a 1.8/2.0 duratec engine on fuel injection is the way to go. Is this the best route as I want something relatively easy to install and I want to keep the type 9 box. Also I feel I may have to change it but could I keep the exhaust as well.

I've also heard MX-5 twin cam engines are good so your views on fitting that too would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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posted on 16/1/15 at 11:50 AM Reply With Quote
If you want to keep it within the budget of selling your pinto then forget it altogether is my comment.

All engine swaps will require a new exhaust manifold, engine mounts, some sort of fueling (even if you keep the webers an adaptor manifold will not be cheap) and usually some way of controlling spark/fuel. These will all add up to significantly more than what you will get for the pinto.

A budget for a duratec on throttle bodies start at 2k+, these will need a 200+ bellhousing to start with (non ford standard) and an ecu for fuel and spark will be 500+ even if you go megasquirt and that is without throttle bodies/inlet manifold/exhaust/sump/clutch etc. etc. and a rolling road session or wide band lambda system to set it all up.

The only way I could think of is to go down the Zetec E route and get an early engine with a Type IV ecu (non PATS) and edis and plumb it in as standard but that will only give you about 140hp (2.0l or escort 130 1.8) and you may have problems with bonnet clearance with the inlet system so may have to shell out for a plenum (similar to ginetta/griffin etc.) to use the oem throttle body.

Sorry to be pessimistic but a budget of a few hundered quid will probably not suffice.

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posted on 16/1/15 at 11:50 AM Reply With Quote
Duratec or Sigma will have the exhaust exiting on the same side as the pinto, but the exhaust headers will not fit.

Sigma is 1600/1700 cc but very light engine, so although less BHP, still worth a look.

You will need a new bell housing to mate to the type 9 and probably quite a few other mods to accommodate the clutch/flywheel/starter/alternator etc.

FI will require a new ECU, manifold, filters, loom as well as the TB's.

MX-5 will require engine and gearbox and exhaust exits left - not sure if you can mate to t-9?

Budget around 2k for a duratec conversion - less whatever you get for the Pinto (my opinion, others will no doubt say it can be done for less)

Hope this helps

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posted on 16/1/15 at 12:17 PM Reply With Quote
2l zetec bolts straight up to a type 9 and can be had from around 50 used to 800 for a brand new one. Then you have around 150 with your carbs. My 1.8 zetec (Escort) with zx9r carbs on made 126bhp at the wheels measured on Bogg Brothers dyno.

Handy with a welder? New mounts, alternator bracket, exhaust manifold etc..

Sure theres plenty on here gone the pinto zetec route and can give advice on cost and whats involved.

IMO teh zetec is the cheapest way to more power, torque and mpg over a pinto. Then you can spend a few quid tuning it up to 200bhp!

Good luck,

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posted on 16/1/15 at 12:18 PM Reply With Quote
I went from a 1.6 pinto to a 2l black top Zetec, for yours you'd be up for a clutch and cover (Dunnels), thrust bearing and spigot bearing (motor factors), new inlet manifold (Boggs brothers) crank position housing (if you by an auto boxed ztec) and the something like a nodiz for ignition only, I could retain my megajolt so was ok, I retained my alternator just put a different pully on it. yes the exhaust does exit on the other side but you might be able to fill that gap with the webers sausage filter etc??

you can do it on the cheap, probably the hardest job it shortening the standard ztec steel section of the sump

loads of pictures of my conversion by clicking the gallery below.



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posted on 16/1/15 at 12:33 PM Reply With Quote
Depends on which Pinto
205 with injection head 250 on a good day 150 if not
Twin 40's ( not ideal for a tuned Pinto, ok for standard) still can fetch good money on eBay my guess 200 upwards over 300 with manifold and throttle linkage

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posted on 16/1/15 at 02:34 PM Reply With Quote
a conversion can never been done cheap. the money a conversion costs will finanze your pinto for the next 10years.

if you have time, handy with a spanner, money isnt the main reason and its something which you want to do, because you want to spent your spare time in your garage as its your hobby...than do such a conversion.

if not...sell the complete car and buy something with a zetec fitted....much more relaxing and finally less expensive.

depending on the conditon and spec of your tiger, you will sell it for 3-4.5k...around 5k will buy a newer, zetec-powered, car which can do everything better than the old...and possibly its much more reliable and in much better condition with a lot more features and options.

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posted on 16/1/15 at 08:34 PM Reply With Quote
Duratec is a great route to power and future upgrades, but it's not simple or cheap! Have a read of my thread here -

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5
Gallery 6
Duratec Engine Swap " target="_blank">

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posted on 16/1/15 at 08:57 PM Reply With Quote
BEC more power less weight as per Colin Chapman. I went from 1700 x-flow to zx9 got more from the x-flow than what it cost to convert more power and what a rush big grins, cheaper road tax too.

Think about it, think about it again and then do it.

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