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Author: Subject: Extended warranties

posted on 27/10/15 at 07:47 PM Reply With Quote
Extended warranties

Can anyone advise please, just about to buy an Mercedes c220 and been offered by the garage an 3 year extended warranty 795.00, seems a lot of money but this type of car could cost a lot if something went wrong, had a look at other company's offering warranties and some are 400 to 500 a year, you do here all sorts of stories about warranties and company's coming up with reasons not to pay out.
What's the general consensus please.


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posted on 27/10/15 at 07:52 PM Reply With Quote
when i had my garage i dealt with a couple of warranty companies,when you try to claim no-one answers the phone,anything you try to claim for is excluded even tho it is in black and white in front of you or down to wear and tear therefore not covered.

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posted on 27/10/15 at 07:54 PM Reply With Quote
Never had one but do make sure you read the small print. I have heard of them wriggling out of alsorts. General wear and tear not covered, wear and tear is a matter of opinion in a lot of cases. Also make sure it covers parts AND labour.

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posted on 27/10/15 at 08:44 PM Reply With Quote
I have to say that my Honda extended warranty has been excellent.
Paid the extra 50 for wear and tear. (3 years cover) Front uprights replaced for ball joint wear.
Wing mirrors as folding mechanism has worn out. Alternator.
Brakes / disks / exhaust are not covered. They did replace the clutch though
as it started to slip under full load. When stripped it was well within wear tolerance
but needed the modified pressure plate. That should have been nearly 700.

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posted on 28/10/15 at 08:30 AM Reply With Quote
A Mercedes backed warranty should be well worth it, a colleague of mine has had a fair few things done on her c class and they've all been rectified without question. Third party warranties are a little more difficult to predict.

Sadly with current Mercedes quality vs parts price I would recommend one. My own C class managed to blow up it's own windscreen wipers, but as it's a lease it just got fixed without question.

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posted on 28/10/15 at 11:31 AM Reply With Quote
A lot of warranty companies try to palm every part off as "a service part" and therefore not covered they will but suddenly back down PDQ when they get a "lawyers letter", one in particular very closely associated with an extremely large dealership chain is notorious for this.

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posted on 28/10/15 at 05:23 PM Reply With Quote
Do what we did! Buy a Kia with 7 year warranty



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