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Author: Subject: A word of warning, hispec brakes.

posted on 8/9/16 at 07:52 AM Reply With Quote
A word of warning, hispec brakes.

I originally posted this over on the wscc, but same applies here.

I don't like moaning about companies online but on this occasion I'm compelled to do so.

If you are looking to purchase some spangly new brakes for your kit or any other car for that matter please think very carefully before ordering from Hi spec motorsport.

Yes they are helpful on the phone when speccing up your order but, after thats when things go downhill. I was told my order would be 28 days as a "worst case scenario" should be with you in 3 weeks. This is after paying up in full upfront.

4 weeks pass, no biggie I'll give them a call. I was told theres been a delay with the production of the pistons for the fronts. Will be another week. The rears are ready. Ok I'll wait till its all ready.

Another 10 days pass. Give them a call. Yes brakes are pretty much done bar testing and finishing off. Rears now not ready as I asked if I could take delivery of the rears.

This Monday. Another call. Guy I'd been dealing with promises to call back before close of play with an update. No call.

Tuesday. Same as Monday.

Today. I have now been told there's a fault with a machine to make the calipers. Erm you told me they had already been made? No sorry they haven't. But I've asked for yours to be made first. Don't bother. I'll cancel my order. Phone goes quiet. Ok all cancelled. I've never heard someone so happy to cancel an order. Bizarre. Ok when do I get my refund then?

They then argue with me for another 10 minutes telling me I haven't paid despite having my online banking in front of me. Eventually they admitted they'd been paid and the refund will be processed. I now don't expect to see the money back without a fight.


So if your looking to buy hispecs either

a. Don't.

b. Buy through a third party and let them deal with the useless amateurs at hi spec and expect to wait for them. A long time.

And breathe.......

Before anyone says it, I had read the stories of their "customer service" in the past however there seemed to be some recent good feedback so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.


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posted on 8/9/16 at 09:09 AM Reply With Quote
Hi spec brakes

Blimey I would of thought that they got their act together by now. I had the same from them back in 2004 when i bought my brakes from them, one excuse after another. Took 4 months before I got them. The sad part about all this is their brakes are really good just customer service is rubbish
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Dave Bailey

posted on 8/9/16 at 08:19 PM Reply With Quote
You're not alone...

We supplied an upright a hub a wheel to make sure the calipers would fit. Supposed to be leading and they are trailing plus they hit both the upright and the wheel. We spent hours chasing them for the privilege of handing over in excess of a grand....

Nice product but the organisation is absolutely useless...

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Paul M

posted on 8/9/16 at 09:37 PM Reply With Quote
nothing new here I'm afraid, ordered a set of calipers and discs from them four times in 2006 for my Westfield,
never recieved a thing, ordered once from Rally Design and got everything the next day - spend your money there.
Those clowns deserve to be ignored in the same way that they ignore customer orders.

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ECU & Bodies

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posted on 8/9/16 at 11:02 PM Reply With Quote
I had two esperiences with them. I'm from Italy and 3 years ago bought a Fury from a member of the forum. When I received it I found a lot of issues to be fixed. One of these was the poor breaking, so I decided to refreshed the Hispec calipers with new seals and accessories. I placed the order on their site and the day after the customer service contacted me becaused they suspected I made an error with quantities , as really I did. We fixed the error and next day they shipped in Italy the good, that was delivered next 3 days. So I was satisfied despite the "rumors" about their customer service.

The problem of the poor breaking was not the calipers but the master cylinder, but in the meantime I completely stripp down the car to the bare chassis and build a new one. Now I'm rebuilding the Fury and decided to go for new front discs. All went quickly placing the order after shipping them one of my old discs as template to quote and manufacture the new ones, as they were non standard according to actual production.

I was confident to receive them within 28 days as stated in the pro forma invoice. I did't received any order confirmation or further comunication after my international Bank Transfer. Some days in advance the shipping date expected I sent a mail asking confirmation of shipping. So I did in the next days without any replay. Then a call from customer service informing me they had an "IT system crash" loosing all the data and requiring me to send again all my mails as I did. Then no other replay to my enquires on delivery date. Two months were past since having placed the order and paying in advance. It was end of July. This year I decided to spend summer holyday with the family in Scotland (very nice country with beautiful b roads, but this is another story) by camper, so with a short diversion from Dover to Edimburgh, I paid a visit to them without any advice. Their customer service informed me that my discs were under manufacturing, but not yet finished so I could pick them up during my back trip from Scotland on 15th August, but anyway to call them before do it. After two weeks I did it as requested: the discs were already shipped in Italy on 10th without informing me and avoiding the shipping costs (anyway already paid).

Coming back in Italy I found the discs delivered as told. Now I will install the discs during the weekend and check the quality.

My re-building diary:

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