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Author: Subject: Carbed Blade "slow running mixture screws"?

posted on 3/1/17 at 12:30 AM Reply With Quote
Carbed Blade "slow running mixture screws"?

Dear all,

Happy new year and best of luck/health/wealth to all.

After I finished my Aries, it went to the UK to get through IVA. There, a couple mods were done to lower emissions. I was told to undo them before driving the car properly. I'm now back on the car to take advantage of the 2017 track day season and I'm unsure about one of the changes. The instructions I have are:
Then you need to remove the carbs, turn them over and open the slow running mixture screws to 2 and a half turns out from fully closed.

I turned around the carbs and, from the Haynes manual, I'm betting they are those 4 circled in yellow below. But Haynes manual calls them a different thing (pilot screws). Are they the same and are these the screws I should tighten to sit and then undo 2,5 turns?


Thank you very much for the help/confirmation. Cheers,

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posted on 3/1/17 at 08:49 AM Reply With Quote
Yes, the pilot / slow running / idle mixture srews are all the same thing. They control the mixture when the engine is idling and until the main jet / needle takes over.

2.5 turns out is just a guide. Your best bet is start there and see if the car idles OK and picks up well when you set off, and if not make small adjustments until it does.

The alternative is to get it set up with a wideband lambda sensor that measures the air - fuel ratio, or even better on a rolling road, but you should have no problems getting a standard engine runnign fine without any of that.


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posted on 7/1/17 at 12:31 AM Reply With Quote
Thank you very much!!! That was the reassurance I needed. After reading your message started up the car and had to use choke until warm (3 or 4 minutes. After that it idled around 1100/1250rpm, so I'm happy.
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