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Author: Subject: Megasquirt base map duratec

posted on 30/12/17 at 10:27 AM Reply With Quote
Megasquirt base map duratec

I will replace my pinto (running on megasquirt MS1 v3 extra) with a stock duratec. Can anyone please send me the msq for a stock duratec?
Thanks in advance!

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posted on 30/12/17 at 10:17 PM Reply With Quote
Hi there, some more information will be required, for example for induction set up, fuel injector flow rates, sensors used, ignition set up (cop or coil pack) etc....
Cheers Ian

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posted on 31/12/17 at 07:30 AM Reply With Quote
wouldnt a base zetec map be good enough
i can send you one
arent sensor and ignition set up irelavent cos they come under settings on the megasquirt as he is asking for a base map which consists of fuel map and ignition map only

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posted on 31/12/17 at 12:16 PM Reply With Quote
He's asking for an msq, which is everything. The VE table from a Zetec might well get it started, but so will the software generated table. Same goes for ignition.
But they depend on his chosen algorithm. Speed density or Alpha-N?
Multiply MAP?

If I was in the OP's position I would use the Req Fuel and table generators and fill in the rest of the msq manually to suit the setup.
If it has a MAP sensor then use Speed density.
The choice of algorithm changes the tables immensely, particularly regarding the scaling of the load axis.
Tons of info in the manual.
And deffo buy the paid version of TunerStudio.

The OP might get lucky and find a complete msq particularly if he goes on the MS forums.
Where are you OP? There could be someone near you willing to help.

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posted on 2/1/18 at 07:13 PM Reply With Quote
I'm reusing my pinto Ms. So that is with36/1 triggerwheel, lc1 lambda and direct driven itnition (wasted spark). I hope the sensors have the same resistance ... not sure if the pinto resistors/sensors would physically fit if I would need to swap them out. For injectors i do not have a cc value. Also for the cold start valve I'm not sure of the settings.
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