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Author: Subject: Coolant sensor out of range. Emerald K3

posted on 30/1/18 at 12:35 PM Reply With Quote
Coolant sensor out of range. Emerald K3

When Iím on th live adjustments page in my map the coolant sensor reading is now red and reading 80. Iíve emailed Emerald and Karl replied that the red reading means thereís a fault with the wiring to the sensor ( a short or broken wire etc). I have tested the sensor in situe and it reads 60kohm, i th n plugged it back in and tested across the pins on the ecu plug (30-33) and got the same 60kohm reading. So from those readings thereís no fault in the wiring. Iíve tried a 2nd sensor and got the same readings (all be it slightly different k ohms, 67).

Looking at it this morning the live adjustment screen is now reading <-30 skipping back to 80 on and off. Iíve managed to find Ford resistance values for the sensor and scalled the ecu to them and it now sits at red 80. Iím pretty sure itís something in the map, unless thereís a fualt with the ECU.

Any ideaís? Iím waiting for a reply from emerald to see what they advise,

Iím sure itíll be a fairly straight forward fix but itís anoying me as nothing has changed from it running and driving on tuesday to not starting on thursday...

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posted on 30/1/18 at 02:24 PM Reply With Quote
It looks like the ECU is still seeing a change in resistance, I'd look towards a bad contact with the pins at the ECU plug or the sensor, I still would not rule out a cracked wire, more likely to be at the sensor end where most of the vibration is.

I'd be tempted to make up some new wires from the ECU to the sensor...



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rusty nuts

posted on 30/1/18 at 06:18 PM Reply With Quote
When I installed the Emerald ECU to my car I wired everything myself but one thing I remember is the very small terminals in the ECU multi plug which I suspect could be very easily damaged when being crimped to the wires especially if using incorrect crimping pliers. I would check the resistance of each wire individually from ECU multi plug and sensor connection .
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posted on 30/1/18 at 08:39 PM Reply With Quote
SORTED... Iíve been through the wiring and double checked everything and itís all ok.

It turns out that overnight my ecu decided it didn't like my temp sensor and threw a wobbly. Itís been running and driving in and out of the garage for 18 months with no issues.
Emerald have emailed back, Karl at emerald (top chap) explained they swap the ford sensor for a bosch one as the ford has a totally different temp curve. With the new settings in itís all back to normal.

Thanks for the help

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