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Author: Subject: Blade engined Indy - Oil Service

posted on 12/4/18 at 08:23 AM Reply With Quote
Blade engined Indy - Oil Service

Hi all,

I'm planning to do an oil service to my 893cc IndyBlade before the summer eventually gets here! This is the first time I will have serviced a BEC, so can anyone recommend an oil? Also how much should I use? Does the baffle plate alter the engines oil capacity?

I'm also going to change the clutch plates and springs. Should I do this first?

Sorry for all the noob questions. Your help is much appreciated!!!


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posted on 12/4/18 at 10:45 AM Reply With Quote
Go for the standard grade of oil for the engine,or I have seen Andy Bates recommend going to a 50 weight oil in a BEC.
So if your standard grade is 10/40 for your blade lump go to a 10/50,helps with gearshifts/gearbox at higher oil temps Andy has found.
I would guess your Blade engine will be specified a semi-synthetic oil,stick with this as going fully synthetic quite often causes clutch slip.
Change the clutch when you fancy!Won't matter before or after oil change

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posted on 12/4/18 at 07:23 PM Reply With Quote
Mines loved Halfords Bike Semi synth all its life with no probs at a good price
TBH i'd do the clutch first, in case it goes wonky and to save losing new oil or bedding it in in new oil
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posted on 12/4/18 at 07:54 PM Reply With Quote
I use motul 10w40. The Haynes manual just says to use 10w40, no brand mentioned.
What usually is said is that on a BEC the engine suffers a lot more (high revs for longer, hotter) than on a bike so don't be uncle scrooge on oil quality. If Andy Bates suggests going to 10w50 (I didn't know that), go for it. I'll do it next time (just serviced mine).

I never changed my clutch, don't know if that has impact.
My engine has a baffle plate and I don't think that makes a difference in quantity of oil. Both services I did were with oil filter change and the manual says that requires 3,4 litres of oil. I bought a 4 litre bottle and got a leftover, so it seems just right.

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