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Author: Subject: new build rear engine midi

posted on 26/7/18 at 03:02 PM Reply With Quote
change change change

I find car design subject to change due to many reasons
as we are trying to use as many standard parts as possible
1) things are never quite what you think they are
2) things on a cad/3d cad are much bigger than on a screen
3) general c--k ups
4) until you get the item in your grubby hands its often difficult to get accurate dims
5) what you think will work, DONT
6) money gets tight
7) or you have more money than you thought for a better solution
8) you change your mind
9) other people change your mind

so I adopt the following
work out a general plan and direction
design the important things : ie pick up points , make sure the engine fits , make sure you fit , general design style
fill in the little bitts later - a lot easier than 100% design
drink plenty of tea
when its wrong don't kick yourself just make the required changes
measure 3 times
tack every thing try not to fully weld until you have to
and so on and so on

finally give it a go - what the hell you can only be wrong and it don't matter unless its structural !

the best way is to report it is finished. and only report the correct decisions.
I prefer to report all , that way it encourages younger builders with less experience
and shows warts and all - I don't mind looking stupid - I don't give a DAM as long as I go forward in life
and encourage other to take a calculated risk and move forward.


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posted on 6/8/18 at 09:20 PM Reply With Quote
Please either put the bottom outer joints into double shear or leave the brownies right now!
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Mr Whippy

posted on 7/8/18 at 12:14 PM Reply With Quote
you see both being used on here often

this may help

Linky about bending rose joints

personally I'd not touch rose joints for road cars, poly bushes are hard enough as it is

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