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Author: Subject: Wideband Lambda Setup With Emerald ECU

posted on 5/6/18 at 03:34 PM Reply With Quote
Wideband Lambda Setup With Emerald ECU


Looking for some advice regarding the fine tuning of my wideband lambda to emerald ECU connection.
I have the Spartan SLC 2 Free controller unit. I've connected the 0-5v linear output to the correct terminal and set the reference table in the ECU configuration.
After reviewing the data log it appears that the AFR signal is quite noisy (although I have nothing to compare my results with) and I had problems getting the adaptive mapping to make any changes even though the AFR was way off target (I set throttle stops to hold load at set points so this wasn’t an issue). Changing the signal smoothing value from 3 to 8 made the signal appear better and the adaptive mapping seems to be working more frequently but I was concerned that this would reduce accuracy.

In the ECU manual there is an example for connecting the innovate sensor and emerald suggest using a 100ohm resistor in the 0-5v signal wire. I wondered if this would be applicable to all sensor types not just innovate?
Anyone got any experience to share on similar setups?


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posted on 5/6/18 at 06:22 PM Reply With Quote

I am running an Emerald ECU on a Mustang V8, Emerald told me the only way to get the Lambda to work is through a Controller that Emerald sell to work with the wideband sensor. Phone them up and speak to Carl, he will point you in the correct direction.

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posted on 5/6/18 at 06:56 PM Reply With Quote
my inovate lc-2 works ok with my k3, you can put a 100ohm resistor inline to help smooth out the noise, if you have the emerald manual it tells you where in the lambda section
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posted on 23/7/18 at 08:50 PM Reply With Quote
I'm also using an LC-2 with a K3 ECU.

I asked about the 100ohm resistor and I was told it was not needed for the LC-2, but you should use it for the LC-1. That said, it should do no harm with the LC-2 either...


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