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Author: Subject: Bit of a Dilema

posted on 25/7/18 at 11:56 AM Reply With Quote
Bit of a Dilema

HI all...

so bit of a dilemma..

i've had a couple of medicals issues over the last couple years..

I've got a GBS Zero very lightly started the build but i'm physically having trouble spending any real time building..

Sold my Mk Indy to finance this build..Whats the collectives school of thought..
Sell it all off individually and buy one?
Sell it as one and buy one ?
find someone who would rather build than drive and strike a deal?

I will write a full inventory tomorrow but the basics so far.

Gbs zero chassis
Gbs zero rear differential 3.92(new)
Gbs zero prop(new)
Gbs zero handbrake(new)
Gbs zero handbrake cables(new)
Gbs zero driveshafts(new)
Gbs zero rear disks and Calipers(new)
Gbs zero steering rack(new)
Gbs zero rack fitting kit (new)
Sierra steering column with steering wheel and switch gear
Steering column extender bar.
Gbs zero body panels in aluminium (new)
Gbs zero grp panels in brgreen (new)
Gbs zero rear diffuser (new)
Type 9 gearbox and bell housing duty new gasket kit
2l Ford silvertop zetec with fast road cam and ported and polished head
Gbs zeroSpigot bearing for rwd set up(new)
R1 carbs and inlet manifold for zetec engine (put through the ultrasonic cleaner)
Cvh sump and pick up to suit zetec silvertop
Gbs zero lightened flywheel (new)
Gbs zero rwd clutch kit (clutch, rwd release bearing, pressure plate) (new)
Gbs zero Zetec engine mount set(new)
Sierra front uprights including front brake calipers.
Couple tubes adhesive
Koso Clocks Rx2n 9k and fuel tank adaptor (new)
CBS complete wiring fuse box(new)
Brake pipe
Brake connectors
P clips

In my opinion, I have not scrimped a single penny on the build so far. 95% of the parts have not been fitted as Iíve been unable to be in the garage.
Iím sure thereís a few things I have forgot but itís mostly there in the list.

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posted on 25/7/18 at 02:11 PM Reply With Quote
Generally you get more for selling the parts than all in one. The problem with selling all in one is the cost to build one can be more than what its worth at the end so for a buyer they could buy one on the road rather than paying more for the box of parts.
However you might get lucky and find a buyer who was looking at a gbs and has money for a complete kit and would still like the challenge of building but could save a few £ by buying yours.

To get an idea look how much a recently built gbs zero sells for second hand and take £1,500 off (cost of IVA and registration plus as bit off to make it worthwhile).
You might get lucky with a buyer, if not split it.


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posted on 26/7/18 at 03:43 PM Reply With Quote
I'd agree with Mike that you're likely to get more selling the bits rather than the package.

The downside of that is having to take the time to advertise each part, deal with enquiries and then people visiting to collect (or you having to post). If your health isn't so good that may well be more of a burden than you want to take on.

If you sell the package it's one set of enquiries and hopefully a single buyer making a single visit to collect.

Given your decription of less than briliant health I think I'd opt for trying to sell as a package.

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posted on 17/8/18 at 04:16 PM Reply With Quote
Is there a builder here rather than a driver who wants this?

I can add £2-2500 if you want to trade.

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posted on 17/8/18 at 04:45 PM Reply With Quote
As the collective have said more money if your in no rush to get rid and split it. Might be best if you sell as a package to put on ebay and see what it does. I think you will be lucky to get more than 2500 for it as a package and I know you have spent much more.

I sold a tiger Avon fully finished ready for iva for 3000 which had new engine rebuild, new spray job, caged, discs all round, new prop and diff and was fully running and working. The airbox and engine rebuild fitted cost me £3000.

Good luck with whatever you do and sorry to hear you can't finish it yourself.

The other option is we can get you help to finish it yourself. I'm happy to come help.



David Johnson

Building my tiger avon slowly but surely.

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posted on 17/8/18 at 04:51 PM Reply With Quote
You know what.

Iíll part it out.

Thanks for advice all.

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