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Author: Subject: Ford Mondeo 2002 (early Mk3) Ghia Bumper with Fogs

posted on 26/7/18 at 06:58 AM Reply With Quote
Ford Mondeo 2002 (early Mk3) Ghia Bumper with Fogs

Ford Mondeo 2002 (early Mk3) Ghia Bumper with Fogs (2.0 Duratec)

As per the title really,YES I know it's not Kit car related, but, it's worth a punt. Has anyone got one or know of one lying about. I will possibly need one, and the small front under tray, the larger rear front under tray, Nearside front wing liner, and, probably a front sub-frame (looks bent back below rad). And the Fog lamps (still working) are round, not trapezoid (the trapezoid bumper IS different and needs to be fitted with the matching bonnet which is why I just want the earlier Mk3 bumper).

All this is depending on what class of write of the insurance company gives me, depending on other damage underneath the car that I couldn't see.

All of this because of having a BADGER run out in front of me on Tuesday night whilst proceeding home down the A46 (dual Carriageway) at an orderly 70 on cruise control and the Badger hadn't read the highway code. Air bags DIDN'T go off so that's good. Oh and IF you've got them I will also need an Air-Con Rad, and a main cooling rad (with the lower mounting rubbers).

As said, assuming the insurers say repairable.

Thanks for looking and no problems if you haven't got but it's worth an ask.

Mondingbat damage
Mondingbat damage

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posted on 26/7/18 at 09:33 AM Reply With Quote
You are going to be to far away to be worth while but still.

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