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Author: Subject: DIY Power Coating Experience?

posted on 13/9/18 at 06:26 PM Reply With Quote
DIY Power Coating Experience?

Hi all, I realise this has been covered a few years ago but looking for an upto date opinion on DIY powdercoating kit. There seems to be a bigger range on e-bay and amazon now.

From what I can see in my price range there are:

1) Electrostatic Magic
2) Frost Hot-coat
3) Range of generic, non-branded e-bay / amazon type units which look similar to the Electrostatic Magic or Frost

Just wondered if anyone has any recent experience of these or tried the generic non-branded ones ? Any opinions / experience would be welcomed. No looking to coat a chassis or anything - just small bits and bobs, perhaps some calipers etc.



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posted on 13/9/18 at 09:15 PM Reply With Quote
I bought a kit from one of the shows I think itís the electrostatic powder coat magic kit . Easy to use and gives good looking results but not very durable long term. Did some really old rocker box covers sprayed with vht paint first and they have lasted Ok also various bits of interior stuff aluminium crutches and chromed steel bars but on things like wing protectors on the jeep the stuff has peeled off after 4 or 5 years
We bake everything in an oven and built ourown little booth with plastic trays in the base to catch the excess powder
Mike (cut and paste this dodgey link)

Our most recent pics are here:

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posted on 14/9/18 at 08:39 AM Reply With Quote
Not tried any of the DIY ones, but used a local firm (in Hampshire) to have a few bits done. If you use a a firm with the proper kit it doesn't seem that expensive to me. The bonus is they'll blast clean the item first and get a better powder finish on it (more durable).

I had various parts done for my MK Indy and then had a 20 year old steel bicycle frame stripped and coated - very pleased with the results!

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posted on 14/9/18 at 09:39 AM Reply With Quote
Bought an ElectroStatic magic and its very good. Much better than using rattle cans to coat parts.
Only down side is having a suitably sized oven. I have an old oven in the garage I used but restricted it to smaller parts.
I do plan to get an old oil drum and fit an element with in and a tray so I can bake alloys.

I lost a load more pictures so this is the only one I can find.

Mistral Motorsport

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posted on 14/9/18 at 09:42 AM Reply With Quote
I submitted some of my photos to the company (at the time they were offering free powder for reviews)

Mistral Motorsport

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posted on 14/9/18 at 04:34 PM Reply With Quote
Many thanks for the feedback / pics - look like Electostatic magic seems to be a reasonable option so I think I'll give that a go and get one ordered up.

Once I get it up and running I'll post some feedback on here for anyone else who might be thinking of giving it a go.

Cheers. Andrew

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Mr Whippy

posted on 14/9/18 at 09:20 PM Reply With Quote
Just a suggestion and depends if one is near. But for various projects I used hot dip galvanising which if you are near one gives superb results for less than the price of paint. May sound ott but its really common, every time I visited there were loads of other peoples car parts there from brackets to chassis and they blasted and plated everything. You can then give it a light coat of black paint after if you want knowing they will never rust.
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posted on 15/9/18 at 05:39 PM Reply With Quote
I have an electro static magic and it's a great bit of kit. I don't think the finish is as tough as it could be but that could be powder or my prep. The machine works great.
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