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Author: Subject: Sticking a CBR1000 into a 1988 Westfield

posted on 22/2/19 at 07:22 PM Reply With Quote
Sticking a CBR1000 into a 1988 Westfield

Perhaps a bit late to the party with this one, but for the last few months I've been building up an old Westfield with a CBR1000 motor in it.

There's been a lot of custom fabrication involved and a few different ideas used, such as a hand operated clutch and an adjustable mechanical auto-blipper for the downshifts. Hoping it'll come in around 400kg and just shy of 200bhp.

If you fancy having a nosey at it, here's a build thread:


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posted on 24/2/19 at 11:53 AM Reply With Quote
been following this on WSCC. it looks like a great build. I looked into a hand operated clutch for my AB Arion but never got around to it in the end.. looking forward to seeing the car come together.
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posted on 21/4/19 at 05:36 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks - it's nearly there now. Just some final bodywork to fit and a few aero mods, then I'll be at Blyton on 27th!

Even though the bodywork is old and f***ed, I like it this way. The contrast between the new parts and the old is pretty cool, like the ultimate Q car as my mate put it.

Had dyno on Tuesday at EFI Parts in Runcorn. Chris is a very thorough tuner and his dyno is anything but 'downhill'. The last 'Blade car I know of to come here, using the same engine management I have, made 185bhp (

Well chuffed with that, considering the home made manifold and DIY cut and shut airbox

With it only being geared to 120mph top end and projected weight 390kg (I stuck everything in / on the chassis mid build and weighed it), this thing might be fairly rapid

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posted on 22/4/19 at 02:57 AM Reply With Quote
That is a bloody terrific result, great power and crazy light. Looking forward to seeing the final weight in road going trim.

A few quick questions:
1) What diff are you running?
2) With the exhaust, was it a custom made job using a flow program like Pipemax to figure out primary and secondary lengths, etc or just something you built off the cuff?
3) What year model engine is it and what sort of mods have you made from the factory setup?

I would love to see that sort of power from mine but think it would be lucky to see 170-180HP at the engine.

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posted on 22/4/19 at 04:47 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks man, I'm pleased with how it's going so far!

Diff is 3.54 with Quaife LSD. Ideally I'd like about 3.3-3.4 because I have a feeling it'll run out if gears / revs too easily, but this is the longest I can get for the English axle. 3.36 Sierra is common and suits well.

Exhaust dimensions are from AB Performance, derived from their dyno work, but I built it. Fairly sure the 05 will be different, but dimensions are in my thread on WSCC.

Engine is a 2012, and was sold to me as having headwork and a set of cams. The head does look to have been ported, and the shape of the dyno plot seems to confirm. I reckon it's probably had a little head skim too. Airbox has been modified (details in main thread) and the map toyed with a fair bit, fuel, timing, injector balancing.

Keep it light and 170bhp will be plenty to blow your socks off

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posted on 24/4/19 at 04:27 PM Reply With Quote
Got tipped off that RetroFord do a 3.3 CWP set, so bought one of them. That extends top speed to 127mph, much better.

Car is ready for track day now... chuffed!

Popped it on the corner weight scales, 380kg (on my other lighter wheels) without fuel but all other fluids

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posted on 25/4/19 at 08:14 AM Reply With Quote
I love the look of the bodywork, fading an all. patina and pace!
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posted on 20/5/19 at 08:30 AM Reply With Quote
First event yesterday, sprint event at Three Sisters. Was up against some big power (6, 7, 800bhp) Jap 4WD stuff, including last year's overall winner (680bhp / 1150kg! and this thing!

I generally drove pants all day, until the final run where it started to drizzle lightly - ended up 0.04s behind the GT86. Pretty gutted at the time not to win, but realise with reflection that's not a bad first outing!

The below video wasn't my fastest lap (by 0.2s) but it was probably the best run of the day. I felt in tune with the car whereas I'd been all over the shop previously.

Nothing has actually broken or fallen off the thing yet, just a few niggles like the speedo / gear indicator being inconsistent and the odd fastener needing re-torquing.

Cadwell on Thursday - anyone else there?

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