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Author: Subject: Any South Coast owners out there?

posted on 16/7/19 at 02:26 PM Reply With Quote
Any South Coast owners out there?

Hello Et-All

Just wondering if there any owners local-ish (Hampshire and surrounds ) that could spare half and hour to give my Phoenix the once over?
Having only ever driven production cars I have no idea if what I feel and hear while driving is normal or the sounds of a car screaming in complaint.

Most concerning are the sounds from the LDS. (distinctive whining/howl)

The banging and jarring felt at low speeds coming of and on power. (vaguely like when a car is about to stall) (could be backlash in the diff but have no idea what that feel like so not sure)

General suspension knocks and behaviour over potholes lumps in the road etc.
(suspension issues or dampers too stiff spring rate to high)

Not expecting anyone to come to me happy to travel.

Thanks in Advance

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posted on 16/7/19 at 03:54 PM Reply With Quote
In Hampshire, but sadly don't have my MK any more.

The difference I'd highlight between tin tops and kit cars is on a tin top the diff is usually fairly well isolated from the car body. On kit cars the diff is often bolted directly yo the chassis and right next to your bum so any shunt and noise from the diff becomes more noticeable in a kit car. The same to some extent is true of the engine and gearbox since most kit car builders opt for stiffer mountings so there's less isolation in a kit car.

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posted on 16/7/19 at 04:13 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Giles,
I have some kit car experience and am based in North Baddesley if this helps

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posted on 16/7/19 at 05:59 PM Reply With Quote
I'm based near Poole, but currently away in Nigeria till August if you can wait till then.

From what you say I would double check all the suspension bolts and bushings. Also diff mounting bolts and diff/prop flange bolts.

If you have adjustable shocks then set the little rebound knob to the softest settings, think my rear Gaz shocks are on the first click and front on the 3rd click. I tried putting them on a harder setting and it was like driving without suspension. On a light car for comfy but spirited road use you need a soft setting in my opinion.

I've no experience of an LSD, mine is a standard sierra one hard mounted "right next to my bum", it does not make any significant noise.

Maybe your springs are too hard?

Why do they call Port Harcourt "The Garden City"?...... Becauase they can't spell Stramash.

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posted on 16/7/19 at 08:21 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Alex,

I am in Locksheath and have 2 Phoenix, 1 race car and 1 road car that is off the road at the moment, let me know if you want to meet up.



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posted on 17/7/19 at 07:33 AM Reply With Quote
Wow thanks for all the speedy replies. will send out some U2U.

I did give all the suspension mounts the once over and will check the diff bolts again.

The suspension was set up by Procomp Motorsports and I have left it alone, he did mention about adjusting the rebound knob
if I wanted it stiffer for a track day.

Some of my noises I have tracked down to the gearbox front mount that allows lots of movement (known issue for the type 9)
I have a replacement to go in but needs some redesign to the mounts.

Thanks to All

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posted on 17/7/19 at 07:38 AM Reply With Quote
Im in Southampton too if you need another person! Own a Stylus, so quite similar chassis wise to the Phoenix
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