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Author: Subject: Customer Service

posted on 8/11/19 at 01:14 PM Reply With Quote
Customer Service

Ten or so years ago I bought a pair of Oakley Radar sunglasses because they were the only wrap round sports glasses at the time that could take my prescription directly into the lens, others just have inserts behind the lens and I found when out on my bike they would mist up in between.
I had the three sets of lenses changed about 4 years ago at in excess of 200 a pop my prescription has changed and I now need new lenses again but I don't want to pay in excess of 600 to get the new lenses so I have tried asking Oakley if they will do photochromic lenses for this frame I emailed from the link on their website and it bounced back not known, I phoned them to ask on an 0800 number to be told they don't do prescription lenses I need to contact an optician (where I get conflicting information) and I have tried contacting them via Facebook and have had no reply.

Compare this to another pair of glasses: 12 years ago I bought a pair of Alpina glasses which mount the lenses behind the tinted "Film" but they need a new "holder" to take the lens. Alpina do not have any importers in the UK so I contacted them direct via thier website on Tuesday half an our later I received a response asking for my address, today I received a replacement via DHL free of charge!

Just thought I would share my experience, I know we frequently trash suppliers for bad service but I must say Alpina have done fine, this is the second time I have had this type of service fom them.


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posted on 8/11/19 at 03:08 PM Reply With Quote
Admittedly I've never dealt with Oakley myself, but have done through a local optician (for non-prescription bits). First started about 18 years ago when I bought a pair of V's and the left arm kept popping off; Oakley sent/optician fitted new arm twice, but the problem remained the same. In the end, they sent me a brand new pair of frames with their top of the range gold iridium polarized lenses in to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Purchased another pair (Pitbull) in the US when I was on holiday 6 years ago from one of their outlets for about 40, and the socks (arm rubbers) perished within a year, as I used them in the sea/garden/pool repeatedly. Oakley sent me replacements for cost of shipping.

Now some 3 months ago, the lens coating on my original V's started to wear through - guessing with age. Went to local opticians/dealer, to be told they no longer made/stocked/could get hold of genuine replacements. Apparently aftermarket replacements can be purchased from online auction sites etc., but I didn't fancy that. Said friendly optician made a call to Oakley distributor, and negotiated a reduction in price of a new pair on behalf of someone who had shown "brand loyalty" over the years. 30% off a new pair, purchased straight away.

Guess it depends who you deal with on what day!

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