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Author: Subject: Type 9 Speedo Drive

posted on 14/11/19 at 09:08 AM Reply With Quote
Type 9 Speedo Drive

I have a Type 9 with an electronic speedo sensor/sender and wonder whether itís possible to retro-fit a mechanical drive for an old school cable speedo.

I know that this is likely to be considered a backwards step, but I want to keep the old dials in the car.

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rusty nuts

posted on 14/11/19 at 11:13 AM Reply With Quote
If no one comes up with an answer try giving BGH geartec a ring
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posted on 14/11/19 at 12:28 PM Reply With Quote
if you cant get a direct fitting

there are boxes that take electronic in / mechanical drive out
a quick search found

but its usd $360 !

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posted on 14/11/19 at 06:59 PM Reply With Quote
The worm gear on the output shaft should be compatible (iirc 7 start/tooth is standard), but there is no hole for the shaft/seal of the driven gear nor a recess for the cable/circlip, due to the the electronic sensor fitting from the opposite side, in the hole where the core plug/cap normally fits.

You want a sierra tail housing to match the centre return fitted to your current housing, i would assume you have the later type as it was the mk3 granada that had your current gearbox.
It can be changed without stripping the whole gearbox, but does require you to disassemble the 5th selector interlock and remove the saddle on the end of the selector shaft, you may need the gasket depending on how cleanly it separates and ideally the bearing carrier should remain undisturbed.

If you were closer i could do you a swap, as i have some spare bits,and i dont use a cable speedo.


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posted on 14/11/19 at 07:22 PM Reply With Quote
Ironically, I have a type 9 that I want to use an electronic output on.

Is there anything we could swap between each other ?

Doesn't look like we are very far apart geographically.

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