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Author: Subject: Nordic Pulver NP 11 Powder Coat Gun

posted on 18/12/19 at 06:37 PM Reply With Quote
Nordic Pulver NP 11 Powder Coat Gun

Recently bought a Nordic Pulver NP11 powder coating gun off ebay and it doesn't seem to work very well. Wondered if anyone else has tried this one.
I've got an electrostatic magic gun which works well but the nozzle was blocking up (my fault) which is basically impossible to clear properly without sending it back. When I watched the video on the NP11 gun it looked as though it would be easy to strip and clean if blocked so thought I'd try one. Anyway it doesn't seem to give the powder a +ve charge to make it stick to the -ve charged workpiece. I've noticed that the body of the gun is attached to the same earthing plug that is attached to the workpiece and that the powder is fed to the plastic nozzle via a metal tube which is in contact with the gun body. There is also a small metal strip in the plastic nozzle also in contact with the gun body. Would this not give the powder a -ve charge before it enters the plastic nozzle (which is the part of the gun that's supposed to give the powder it's +ve charge.....)Hope this makes sense.
I've been in touch with the company who claim to have sold 100's of these and they work fine (interestingly their newest model of gun is same design as the electrostatic magic gun) I don't want to give negative eBay feedback so if anyone can suggest something I'm doing wrong, or have had similar issues with the same gun I would be interested to hear from you. Thanks Ian

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posted on 22/4/20 at 08:00 AM Reply With Quote
Hi, I am interested to know how you are getting on with the Nordic Pulver gun now?
I have the NP-09 basic model. It seemed to be working great 10 months ago. Now I am using it again and I am having trouble getting the powder to stick, as you describe. It falls off from corners or recessed areas. Do you have any tips?
Also, how does it compare to the electrostatic magic gun? Did you get that sorted?
If I were to upgrade it would be either the Nordic Pulver Pro or the electrostatic magic gun.
It is interesting to see that they do the earthing of the part in different ways. Not sure which I prefer, a wrist strap or wire to the gun and plug socket.
Anyway, I hope you got it sorted, it is a great process when it works. Please let me know.

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