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Author: Subject: 2020 Market Fury pricings

posted on 11/2/20 at 12:47 PM Reply With Quote
2020 Market Fury pricings

Good afternoon all,

I'm new to the forum and currently on the hunt for a Fisher/Sylva/Fury/Phonix. I got hooked on the kit car philosophy by going out in my mates Catherham, but my heart still lies in the old skool car world. I feel for me the Fury is the best way for me to satisfy both car niches. I love the fact it'll handle itself around a track but retains the old look of cars I love.

Not too long ago I took a slightly different way to work and happened to notice a Fury under a tarp looking a little sorry for itself. After a couple of failed attempts to speak to the owner I manged to have a good chat. Unfortunately for me he didn't want to part with it just yet, would have been perfect for me for what I want to do.

So this led me on the start to hunt down my own Fury. I don't have a great deal of money as I want to lots to it - £2k.

I was just wondering what you all thought now the market price is for a Fury. I no this subject is very open to want/need/condition etc, but lets say -

1) Non MOTd example with cross flow engine and solid axel. scabby around the exterior
2) MOTd example with a 16v engine (mx5, ford etc) with solid axel. rather presentable exterior
3) MOT'd example with motor bike engine and IRS. Very good exterior.

On the flip side, what do you think up to £2000 will get me.

Many thanks in advance.

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posted on 11/2/20 at 02:28 PM Reply With Quote
You need to factor if it's correctly registered, i.e. per SVA, or if it has SVA or IVA.

IVA test costs are of the order 1K. Looks like your looking for a registered car, I would be surprised if you could pick up a serviceable example at 2K that had been correctly registered.


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posted on 11/2/20 at 06:15 PM Reply With Quote
2k will get you an unbuilt Stylus that’s on here with some change to buy some bits and bobs.

I would think a correctly registered project for 2k is going to take some looking for.

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posted on 12/2/20 at 01:08 PM Reply With Quote
Dam, I've been looking for a while and seen good cars go for around £5-6k sorted. Kind of made me think that £2k for a non running rolling shell would be achievable. Not really in a hurry, maybe I need to re-assess.

Shame I haven't got £9k, this is just round the corner from me!

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posted on 12/2/20 at 02:31 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Dean. Your only 2K option in terms of a registered car would likely be a Sylva Leader or a Star. Even then it may not be a tidy example.
In terms of a Fury you'll be lucky to find one at 2K other than maybe a rolling chassis.
Even 3K won't exactly open the floodgates. I think you have the right idea looking for a JP designed car though.
I've toyed with the idea of picking up a cheap Leader and fitting Fury/Phoenix bodywork to it. Might be worth considering.

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