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Author: Subject: Fiat 500 car keys

posted on 6/3/20 at 07:37 AM Reply With Quote
Fiat 500 car keys

My daughter has a 65 plate Fiat 500. Bless her. (in her defence she loves Ariel Atoms, driven one on track too, and would like an Elise but insurance/costs are obstacles)
When bought, we new the remote locking key didn't operate the locks, but does manually operate the locks and will start the car, so the transponder bit is OK. Case is shabby/falling apart too.
After nearly 2 years, and a bit of a nudge from me, she sent the key off to a "repair service", presumably found on ebay or amazon. I think it offered to replace the little switches etc and a new case. However, they say the PCB is toast (it looked iffy when I had a look at it)

Anybody got experience of this stuff? I am wondering if I can get a new PCB (and case) but unsure about transponder and programming. I am hoping it can be fixed rather than a complete new key.

Advice or pointers would be great
Thanks all!

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posted on 6/3/20 at 09:26 AM Reply With Quote
Personal experience with car keys says you're extremely unliklely to get spares for repair. Even if you do the key fob itself is normally coded to the vehicle so the vehicle is immobilised without the right one. That then dictates a visit to a main dealer to for a replacement key and to have the replacement coded to the vehicle. Anti theft/security features.

SWMBO lost the 2nd key for a company VW Passat I had a while back. A replacement key fob was something like 40 from VW, but they then wanted around 300 to re-code the existing and replacement key fobs to the vehicle. Since it was a leased company car I picked up a 2nd hand key fob from ebay for 10 (which of course didn't work with the car) and handed it back to the lease company. It was never checked and I never got asked.

Car security has improved, but there are costs to it!

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posted on 6/3/20 at 11:09 AM Reply With Quote
Presumably the "immobiliser" part is all working or you'd already have a dead car.

You can buy remotes on Ebay which copy the original command from the key to unlock, so if you can get it to work occaisionally then should be able to copy it & use the new remote to unlock & the key to start - is there only one key?

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posted on 6/3/20 at 02:38 PM Reply With Quote
She has been using the bog std key.
But obviously good to have the remote one working. And it is only the remote central locking bit that has failed, the key still starts the car.

But I am unsure if the immobiliser is integrated into the remote PCB or separate.

Maybe some digging around on ebay may, just may, reveal more answers. But I expect many places just want to sell you the whole thing, appears about 150 a pop.

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rusty nuts

posted on 6/3/20 at 03:47 PM Reply With Quote
I had a new key cut and programmed for my Fiat motorhome by a mobile vehicle locksmith , came out and did the job for less than 150. Might be worth looking for one in your area?
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posted on 6/3/20 at 05:23 PM Reply With Quote
as Rusty says, take the key to a decent locksmith and they will cut and prog one for a lot less than the stealer.

who cares who wins
pass the pork pies

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posted on 6/3/20 at 06:29 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks chaps, will forward the idea of a complete new key to her. See what she says..
Meanwhile I am heading of on holiday. With a bit of luck I will get quarantined over there.

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posted on 6/3/20 at 07:05 PM Reply With Quote
On most cars the transponder is nothing to do with the remote unlocking that is handled by the body control unit.. Fiat MultiECUscan can do most functions on Fiats and some Chrysler.

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