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Author: Subject: GTIR Plenum?
johnny chimpo

posted on 29/3/20 at 10:42 PM Reply With Quote
GTIR Plenum?

Anyone got a Gtir plenum they are willing to part with?

Only need the top piece as itís for a custom turbo plenum, but would be willing to take the whole thing complete if it was available.

I know these were everywhere a few years ago, but seem to be a struggle to find these days.



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posted on 30/3/20 at 12:26 PM Reply With Quote
I was watching some on eBay not too long ago, and they seem to start about the £150 mark and sell about £200 (for just the top section). I did se a complete set of throttle bodies and plenum, but that was about £300 - and most breakers don't want to split them.

They do still crop up for sale, but not very often....

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posted on 30/3/20 at 04:02 PM Reply With Quote
I've got a complete setup with the bodies but no injectors.
As you can see, some surface corrosion on the throttle bodies and a few patches or orange paint (?), but they'd clean up nice.
Can be posted to you for £250.

I bought it for my zetec turbo a few years ago, but never did anything with it.
I've subsequently acquired just the plenum cover and some laser-cut spacers, and still meaning to get round to building a custom plenum too at some stage!


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johnny chimpo

posted on 30/3/20 at 04:42 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the replies guys.

Itís just the plenum cover I am looking for. When I start getting up to £250 and above then It pushes me more towards the route of getting a full custom plenum made. Was hoping the gtir plenum top would be a cheap way to do things!

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posted on 30/3/20 at 06:48 PM Reply With Quote
Look online for a company called ikengineering, they do various plenum options, if think the chances of finding a GTIR plenum top are between Bob and no, the Sierra cossy ones come up quite often and might do the job


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