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Author: Subject: 1600cc choices

posted on 4/4/20 at 02:03 PM Reply With Quote
1600cc choices

Hello, has anybody researched 1600cc motors?
Im planning to build my car within racing parameters for open sportscars,
This means a 1630cc motor rev limited to 9500rpm, the puts my ideal stroke at 70mm or below.
Bigger bore means more valve area, whats the most oversquare 1600cc one can obtain? Car based, not bike.

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posted on 4/4/20 at 04:14 PM Reply With Quote
You could try a Honda b16, but I'm pretty sure it runs backwards, a Ford BDA, old, but the top guys are wringing some decent power out of them, I suppose you could de-stroke a BDG, depends how much money you want to spend. Also depends what configuration you are running, front engine, rear engine etc


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posted on 4/4/20 at 04:27 PM Reply With Quote
My vote would be for the 1.6 Zetec SE from a fiesta/Puma/early focus.

All allow, got a crank spigot bearing cavity to take the 22mm Sierra one, no vvt or similar to fuss about, plenty of tuning options but add a ss4 cam, rod bolts, hd springs, throttle bodies, exhaust and an ecu and you have a very reliable 165hp and revs to 8500rpm without even opening it up, plus it is very light iirc less than 100kg dressed. Plus if the engine goes bang it is only 200 to replace.

Plus bellhousing for type 9 or type 9 figment or kits available for the 6 speed rx8.

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posted on 4/4/20 at 09:18 PM Reply With Quote
The B16 is a bit rarer these days, i like the short deck height and vtec.
Front engined so am not needing transaxle.
There is a strong argument for the zetec aside from the longish stroke, the uk formula fords ran a bit of development for those in a similar weight vehicle which is a good baseline, plus the sentimental factor of having a ford axe.
I looked into the A class m266.920 with 2 litre head swap, but the deck height is stupidly tall 235mm which gives a conrod like a toothpick dancing up down 9500 times a minute, risky choice but some good numbers in those motors.

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ettore bugatti

posted on 4/4/20 at 10:56 PM Reply With Quote
Worth looking at s1600 or r2 rally cars.

Citroen c2 was pretty good:

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posted on 5/4/20 at 05:39 AM Reply With Quote
The old corolla twin cam engine was pretty good.
If the wallet is fat IKE sell a variety of different stroke cranks for the zetecs, along with appropriate pistons/rods.

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posted on 5/4/20 at 08:45 PM Reply With Quote
Depends on your target class and the regs. A 'Locost' race engine is an oxymoron. Making power is one thing , holding it together at anything approaching 9500 rpm is another. Honda seemed to have cracked it with their type 'R' VTEC engines but upgrading anything more pedestrian to that sort of speed is going to be expensive - crank, rods, block reinforcements, the list goes on. If it was me trying to take the most economical approach ( if allowed by regs ) I would search out a used Rover K series from a full race Caterham. There are probably thousands of these things competing in all sorts of classes all over the world. The Rover K series is much maligned as a production engine ( head gaskets etc ) but PROPERLY BUILT race engines seem to be pretty reliable. 1800 cc VHPD engines seem to make 230 -240 bhp in developed form and have been widely used in Caterhams and Lotus Elises, so I would guess 200 out of a 1600 should be doable. Lots of Knowledge and parts available. I would start by contacting Dave Andrews and doing some online search.
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Rich J

posted on 5/4/20 at 09:11 PM Reply With Quote
3 companies in Ireland getting well north of 200BHP from the small block GM engine but at a price

9100 rpm

235 BHP

230 BHP

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posted on 6/4/20 at 05:58 PM Reply With Quote
Toyota 4age, getting abit older now though
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posted on 7/4/20 at 08:08 AM Reply With Quote
The OP wanted a stroke of les than 70mm, the 4age (and BDA of course) is 77mm. On the plus side for the 4age there seems to be an active tuning scene and tuning parts suppliers in Australia for the Toyota engine.
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posted on 19/4/20 at 09:37 AM Reply With Quote
You're unlikely to get such an over square engine from a production car.

Most cars are under square for efficiency reasons.

Just under 70mm stroke, for just under 1600cc would need IRO 85mm bore.

Only thing that may come close with that stroke from the factory is a Citroen 1.1 69mm stroke, with an over bore (if you can over bore it that much) to 85mm, fit the 16v head from the 1.6.

However you are unlikely to be able to increase the bore diameter by 7mm from the 1.6 bore size!

Your only option would be to under stroke a 2.0 with the required bore, not a cheap job custom crank and rods.

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