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Author: Subject: ST170 Best VVT Map?

posted on 9/4/20 at 11:27 AM Reply With Quote
ST170 Best VVT Map?

Hello Guys,

i am currently building an ST170 powered Wesfield.

Now i am looking for the best VVT Maping for this engine.

Maybe some guys here have tried different maps?

I found at the Manufactor of my ECU the following Info:
0-1000 -> 0*
1000-2000 -> 50*
2000-3000 -> 40*
3000-4000 -> 50*
4000-5000 -> 30*
5000-5500 -> 20*
6000+ _> 10*

Is this the actually best way to go?
I could use a 3D Map. Does it make a big difference?

Maybe some expert here can say something to this.
The Problem is: As my understanding, my VE Table is wrong as soon as i change the VVT Table (Because with VVT Angle the Air Flow changes)

Hope some People here are fit at this topic

Stay healthy

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posted on 9/4/20 at 01:28 PM Reply With Quote
Simialr what I used: ME website had this taken from a factory st170
When my ME221 was supplied with a base map, and then "tuned" at ME it had a VVT map that simply gave more cam advance with revs, totally at odds with their info on the website. Bizarre. Changed the VVT map and much better. But do have a look at their ME100 maps for st170 too, they seem to use slightly different figures. And the cam advance will alter ognition tables too, I suspect the drop in cam advance will allow extra ignition advance and better economy/torque at cruise.

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posted on 10/4/20 at 07:42 AM Reply With Quote
I fitted a VVTPRO to an ST170 in my Quantum. Ignition was MJ and fuel was via ZX6R carbs. I just ran the base map in 2D mode with full advance early on backing off as the revs rose. Seemed to work really well and had a perfectly smooth torque / power curve. Ended up at 178bhp @6800rpm. Didn't bother messing with it as I was happy how it pulled from tickover to the redline
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