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Author: Subject: Shift light wiring Zetec

posted on 21/4/20 at 05:57 AM Reply With Quote
Shift light wiring Zetec

I have a Zetec 2.0 blacktop which has just been built

I forgot I have a shift light to install, whatís the best way to connect up? Iím guessing run a wire to the coil pack?? My coil plug is the oval plug type, middle is power and either outer pin will be to cylinders is this correct?

So either of the outer to piggy back off??

Or could it take a signal from rev gauge ??

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rusty nuts

posted on 21/4/20 at 07:22 AM Reply With Quote
Electrics arenít my strong point but my shift light is operated via my ECU , taking a feed or earth from the coil would surely illuminate the light all the time with the engine running? Does the tachometer have a facility for a shift light?
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posted on 21/4/20 at 08:11 AM Reply With Quote
You need to check the instructions for the shift light, Is it a complete standalone shiftlight system? if so it will have specific requirements which you havent told us what those are. If its just a light, you need something to control it...
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posted on 21/4/20 at 08:38 AM Reply With Quote
My shift lights runs off the VDO tachometer on the dashboard.
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