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Author: Subject: Spring stiffness Phoenix

posted on 19/9/20 at 01:12 PM Reply With Quote
Spring stiffness Phoenix

I would like to buy new dampers for my Sylva Phoenix.
What spring stiffness do you think I need (mainly trackdays)?
At the moment there are old Spax fitted, what do you think about AVO, Protech?

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posted on 19/9/20 at 06:57 PM Reply With Quote
Hi there. When we were building our Stuart Taylor Phoenix we took advice from our friend and multiple Championship winner Tim Gray. I doubt that anyone knows more about the Phoenix than him. He said to use 250lb springs all round. This is on an independent rear end car. As regards the shocks we used R1 bike shocks but I can't recommend this course of action. Lots of extra work/adaptation, although they do work very well.

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posted on 21/9/20 at 07:14 AM Reply With Quote
My advice would be to concern yourself with the Dampers as well as the springs.

How heavy is your car?

The internal set-up of the dampers should be suited to your cars weight. We all just go and buy some dampers, me included, and then wonder why the car shakes the teeth from our head! (mine does) The main reason is not spring rates but the internal damper settings.

I believe that ProComp will sell you a set of dampers with the damping ratio adjusted to suit your car - I'd talk to them. In fact replacing my AVO dampers is on my list of things to do and when I do it I'll be talking to ProComp


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posted on 21/9/20 at 02:09 PM Reply With Quote
Hi. I did a lot of the development work for the STM pheonix cars with Ian.

If you want a chat Re the springs and dampers Etc just give me a Msg or call.
easiest place to contact me is on the FB Page.

Cheers Matt

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posted on 27/9/20 at 07:47 PM Reply With Quote
thank you for your replies - after disassembling the spring/damper combination I found some marks on the springs: front 225 rear (banjo axle) 180, the Spax were on the softest setting.

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posted on 3/10/20 at 09:38 AM Reply With Quote
quite hard already....originally they where 135lbs/inch all around with ford x/flow engine

fronts are imo too hard..especially as you have fitted a quite lightweight engine

the settings of the dampers are unimportant for the moment.

my old pheonix had a quite soft ride, but hehaved extremely well on track...but each has its individual likings....some like it harsh, some soft.

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