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Author: Subject: How to best manage a DVLA mix up

posted on 19/10/20 at 04:00 PM Reply With Quote
How to best manage a DVLA mix up

So as per my previous post I have had interest in my car from a guy in France. He visited the french office today with some of the paperwork I sent across and the keen eyed french official has picked up errors in the chassis number which I have confirmed to be true.

Without fully disclosing my chassis number the DVLA have made a mistake on the last digit of my chassis number on my log book, recording it as a 3 rather than the number 9 which it should be.

My Iva application for my test appointment shows the correct chassis number (xxxx329)

My car chassis has a welded name plate with the correct chassis number (xxxx329)

My car has a riveted name plate with the correct chassis number (xxxx329)

However the DVLA documents have typos that I never picked up

My registration authorisation document has the wrong chassis number (xxxx323)

My log book has the wrong chassis number of (xxxx323)

How on earth do I approach the DVLA and tell them they made a typo 4 years ago and get the logbook corrected?

I have letters and photos to back up that I am being entirely truthful

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posted on 19/10/20 at 04:34 PM Reply With Quote
I think you've answered your own Q "I have letters and photos to back up that I am being entirely truthful" - if you have a copy of the MAC certificate or of the original application for either IVA or V5 I would think that should also help

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steve m

posted on 19/10/20 at 05:33 PM Reply With Quote
Dont hold your breathe waiting for a sensible reply from the DVLA
Earlier this year, and i did post in another thread

My Mother and myself had been dealing with the DVLA for approx 14 months

Mum decided a photo licence was a good idea, this was done some 5-6 years ago,
Yet, totally unnoticed by her came back as a provisional licence, until her insurance said she wasn't insured ?? not sure how they found out

Its taken 14 months of emails letters phone calls, and several (at least 10) certified copies of her pass certificate, and copies of all her driving licences, from 06Jan 1958 to prove she passed

Incredibly, my Father has amassed a spare room of files, that go back to 1955, of EVERY bill payslip, certificate the list is endless, and incredibly they still had all of Mums prevous licences, and the pass certificate from 1958 !!

Had we not had this information she would of needed to do a retest !!

We also took legal advice, as the DVLA muppets wouldnt take a registerd copy of the pass certificate, (done at solicitors) we HAD to send the original,

I am sorry to say, that i dont have one good word to say about these muppets,

But hope the OP can resolve THERE COCKUP, and do it soon so the car can be sold


Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 19/10/20 at 06:17 PM Reply With Quote
Its a relatively simple process, I purchase a vehicle a few years ago that had an incorrect number. I rang them think I spoke with the log book department explained a digit was incorrect and they simply asked for photos of the vehicle and the vin on the vehicle which was correct and to also take a piece of paper and rub a pencil over it on the stamped vin of the vehicle to copy it similar to children do with coins etc. sent this off and received the correct log book without a problem. Hopefully you will get it resolved.
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posted on 19/10/20 at 06:38 PM Reply With Quote
My old Toledo had an 'N' rather than an 'M' in it's V5 VIN, it got picked up during an MOT of all things. I can't remember what I needed to send but it wasn't complex. i think a photo of my actual VIN was needed. I think the worst thing was that I had to pay the fee and wait 6 weeks for the replacement.
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posted on 19/10/20 at 06:54 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for all the replies, seems like its more of a common thing than I first thought

I will attempt to ring the DVLA tomorrow and see if I can get some advice from them on how to manage it!

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posted on 19/10/20 at 10:25 PM Reply With Quote
Ring kits and rebuilds direct they are very helpful in my experience. I registered my car earlier this year and the log book was incorrect. I had a new log book in 24hrs. Granted not quite the same as 4 years but If you have all the evidence to back it up I can't see it being a prob.

Kits and Rebuilds direct number is 01792 786053.

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posted on 20/10/20 at 08:08 AM Reply With Quote
Personal experience with the DVLA (of which I've had quite a bit) often shows them to be somewhat slow and prone to mistakes. When communicating with them I chose to do it in writing and use signed for mail so I have some traceability of communication between myself and them. I also photograph/scan everything I send them and receive from them - again for traceability.

Given your question and situation I think I'd use the above described methods.

In terms of the sale to the prospective buyer in France I'm not sure it'll satisfy them in time. Personally I'd withdraw the vehicle from sale, resolve the issue then re-advertise and sell.

On a more positive note I've used Car & Classic myslef before and found it to be a better selling tool than Ebay, Autotrader etc for anything unusual, older or more classic in nature. Fewer tyre kickers and hopefuls!

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