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Author: Subject: Type 9 hydraulic clutch woes

posted on 26/11/20 at 03:22 PM Reply With Quote
Type 9 hydraulic clutch woes

This is a PITA.
Last summer I fitted what I thought was a "quality" CSC from Rally Design. A year on it is weeping.
Gearbox out, and BGH are doing a few "fixes" so I can turn my attention to teh CSC problems.

First thing I did was measure up a brand new (pinto) clutch. Plate is 9.5mm thick. Then measured each sides lining to the rivets, about 2.3mm. I settled on a worn clutch being 5mm thick. Handily, I have some 5mm steel bar. attached to the pressure plate of a new cover and fitted to the flywheel. Fitted bellhousing so I could measure the important "fingers" to gearbox face. It was 79mm
Repeated with the new plate, and it was 90mm.

So 11mm is needed just to allow for clutch plate wear. (about 2.5 the amount the actual plate wears)

Next is the bit I am unsure of. How much movement of the clutch pressure plate is needed to properly disengage the clutch?
I ask as the mondeo type CSC has a max movement of 15mm. That means only 4mm of movement at the fingers, or 1.4mm at the plate, which does not sound a lot. Of course, many people will be OK as clutch wear is so slow, it may mean the plate will never wear out.
Looks like I will be buying a proper Titan CSC from Burton. I can use my mounting plate and hoses, just need the correct spacer, should be 6mm

But the 11mm of wear allowance is very different to the 3mm quoted by at least one of the suppliers.

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posted on 26/11/20 at 07:08 PM Reply With Quote
Generally with a normal type clutch plate and cover, they need between 8mm and 10mm at the cover fingers. Many race clutches/covers only need around 5mm.
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