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Author: Subject: Flatshifter issues....

posted on 15/6/21 at 11:29 AM Reply With Quote
Flatshifter issues....

I've currently got a Flatshifter Pro fitted to my car for clutchless upshift and downshifts.

Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong with the shift sensor, everything works fine from the test button on the unit. I found a broken wire on the sensor and repaired that but it's still not working. I contacted Graham at Flatshifter but unfortunately they are experiencing difficulties right now and can neither repair the sensor or offer me the option to buy another one!

Is anyone aware of an alternative sensor that might work (I see SBD sell one but doubt it would be compatible?), or what other setups are out there offering both flatshifter and clutchless downshifts (not my preferred route given I have the Flatshifter already but it's currently an expensive ornament!)

Failing all that does anyone have any idea how the sensor actually works as I'm happy to pull it apart to see if there's anything obvious wrong inside it but I don't know how it works or how to test what's going on with it!

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posted on 15/6/21 at 07:30 PM Reply With Quote
Hi I think I have a shift sensor in the garage which I will sell as I have got the klicktronic system now make me a sensible offer
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posted on 15/6/21 at 08:31 PM Reply With Quote
Just for reference the sensor looks like this:


Chicade Iíve sent you a PM.

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