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Author: Subject: Bushes for stuart taylor R1

posted on 22/9/21 at 12:08 PM Reply With Quote
Bushes for stuart taylor R1


New to the group having just bought a 2004 stuart taylor R1

Car has a few bits needing repaired so hoping to pick a few brains.

First issue I have are the upper front suspension bushes are seized ( the bolt is the pivot rather than the bush/sleeve at the moment). I'm probably going to have to slice the old ones out with a cut off disc as the bolt is totally rusted into the sleeve.

I took a lower bolt out and it measures 0.494" (12.54mm) 20 tpi so guessing there 1/2" UNF fine , and the bush sleeve is 40mm long.

Where can I buy the right bushes and bolts?

Have looked online and they all seam to be 22 to 44mm long and anything from 12.2 to 12.5mm hole , so will need modifying which isn't an issue as i have a lathe but would be pretty time consuming if i change all of them.

Any help greatly received.

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posted on 22/9/21 at 02:34 PM Reply With Quote
Sounds quite like the MK Indy ones you can get from Kitcardirect but as you say these are 44mm. Are there not some spacers in the clevises you can ditch to fit in the 44mm ones? Not sure who else uses 1/2" UNF ID bushes.
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posted on 22/9/21 at 05:39 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the link

No spacers afraid , looks like i will need to machine something that's nearly right , don't want to cut existing tabs off or have sloppy 12mm bolts going in to 1/2" holes.

Found a company making a front end set very cheap , would just need to shorten and possibly bore them out....but not sure on "floflex" quality , look very like the MK indy ones and exact same spec size and hardness wise.

floflex bushes LINKY

some from rally design as well these are at least 1/2" hole through them.

rally design bush LINKY

Have cut old one off now so no going back.

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posted on 22/9/21 at 09:25 PM Reply With Quote
Some of the Locosts used Triumph Spitfire bushes, might be worth checking if they are similar.
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