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Author: Subject: Schoolboy error

posted on 27/9/21 at 06:42 PM Reply With Quote
Schoolboy error

My Locost has been off the road for a while- I meant to get it on the road this year but then had a bit of an accident and broke my hip so that's put a stop to that plan- I wouldn't mind if I was an octogenerian- I'm not even 50 yet! Today I thought I'd get it ready for winter by running the float bowls dry. And at the same time I could rescue the half full 20L jerry can full of Ron95 that must be worth about a hundred quid at the moment.

Amazingly the battery was still holding charge (aren't Lithium ion motorbike batteries amazing!!!). I switched on the car but the fuel pump just kept running and running. When I left the car it had a quarter of a tank of fuel in it. The car runs carbs and the pump is in the engine bay so I assumed it just wasn't priming. I stuck my lips round the neck of the fuel tank and blew to try and get fuel to flow into the pump- the tank expanded nicely but fuel pump kept on clacking away. I took the fuel filter off and could feel the pump sucking. I tried blowing back down the line into the tank and there didn't seem to be any restriction. I tried about five times to suck fuel up the line and all I got was vapours and a headache. Then I had the genius idea of actually checking the fuel level in the tank- bone dry! I thought I'd fill up from the jerry can but it transpired that was empty too

Crazy thing is I'm sure they were both containing volatile fuels when I last was in the garage (there must have been some fuel for my to drive it into the garage)....

I'm hoping my floats aren't varnished to hell and back. The stuff in the bottom of the tank didn't smell or look too bad to be honest, when I saw how empty it was I was expecting bad things.

In less good news when my garage got broken into (and nothing stolen) I thought they hadn't touched anything but it transpires they had tried to lift my toolbox down from the shelf it sits on and dropped it (it is admittidly crazily heavy). So now even when the lid is down none of the drawers open.... A lack of tools didn't help my attempt to get my car working. Then again that wasn't the main issue

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posted on 28/9/21 at 06:53 AM Reply With Quote
Sounds like the kind of precious time I normally get in the garage.

Although often my first few evenings after not being out there for a while (and therefore since I put the car away after a trackday) is tidying up and trying to clear a path to the car!

I hope your hip gets better.

Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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posted on 28/9/21 at 10:54 PM Reply With Quote
I think I spend as much time tidying up as I do on the car. And I spend some all time tidying up
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posted on 29/9/21 at 06:37 AM Reply With Quote
What is this thing called tidying?
When my garage was broken into I went in and saw stuff hanging out of boxes and lying all over the floor and initially thought how disrespectful of the burglars to leave it in such a mess- then realised it was looking like that when I locked up! They clearly went for the tool box, dropped it (must have made a he'll of a noise) then legged it. I should have a tidy though, regardless of whether I go round the front or the back of the car I'm clambering over boxes to get to the car sides which probably isn't that sensible.

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posted on 29/9/21 at 08:06 AM Reply With Quote
When I was burgled it took me a few minutes to realise. I thought I'd just left the house in more of a tip than I realised.

(I walked straight into the kitchen before anyone wonders and is rushed out in the morning)

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