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Author: Subject: Wiring loom - what is best direction??

posted on 30/12/21 at 10:49 PM Reply With Quote
Wiring loom - what is best direction??

Hello all,
I am now looking at the wiring for my mid engined exo. 2 options I have are
1. Extend existing loom and use as much as possible. IE use existing loom and relays and fuses for things such as horn and lights.
For lights I am using all led so current draw shouldn't be a problem.

2. Build new and independent loom for all lights and other systems. And just use existing loom for engine.

With option 2, it reduces the 'unknows' with the existing loom but increases complexity and means additional relays and fuses.

I am leaning towards option 1, cause it means using what is already there.

What have people done in the past. Anything I have missed??
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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posted on 31/12/21 at 08:31 AM Reply With Quote
The Car Builder Solutions fuse and relay pack is a good way to start as it is simple to wire in.
Extending and old car loom always risks a dodgy connection somewhere and extending an older loom means a lot of soldered connections and possibly a change of wire colour unless you have all the original loom colours available

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posted on 31/12/21 at 09:36 AM Reply With Quote
I've built a few cars and have tried a number of options.1 Use Sierra loom in a 7 - failed as the loom itself had too many faults. 2 Use a Tiger loom - in a Tiger - succeeded but with no help from Tiger as the loom only has an A4 schematic not a diagram and took hours to work out what went where - and the schematic was wrong as well! 3 Make a loom. This is ongoing but is for a 1968 Ginnetta G4. All wires are going to be the same colour with shrink wrap at the ends to give wire colour, seems to be going ok but takes time. 4 Use MX5 loom in a 7. Probably the best solution I've had, takes a while to take out the bits you don't need - air con, electric windows, courtesy lights and also a bit of lenghtening and shortening of rear and front lights. It's one I will be doing again on a friends MX5 based Haynes.

With your car there will be a lot of lengthening and shortening of wires but taken methodically it should work out and its the one I would choose. Take one circuit at a time and check it works before going to the next section, good luck.

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posted on 31/12/21 at 10:00 AM Reply With Quote
I always go option 1.
Extend looms with bullet connectors and use caravan/trailer cable for the run to the rear.

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posted on 31/12/21 at 02:47 PM Reply With Quote
Premier Wiring

When I built my Locost my sole exposure to vehicle wiring was splicing in some fresh wire where my Mk2 Golf boot wiring had snapped. So fair to say I wasn't very experienced.

I dreaded the electrics bit of the car and worried it might kill off the whole build for me.

Fortunately, sensible heads such as Bob's prevailed and recommended Premier Wiring looms. The did (and I believe still do) both a front-engine and mid-engine loom.

With a bit of help from my Dad who's an electronics engineer I got it all laid out and then just made up a few connectors and it was done in a few hours.



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posted on 31/12/21 at 02:54 PM Reply With Quote
I've been working on reusing my MX5 loom, I've already stripped it down and taped it back up again. I've not yet got it in the car but I did position it for the engine bay and drivers seat and it seems to settle quite nicely. I have given myself a bit extra work as I have a full body to wire in, rather than simply light units in the four corners.

I have kept all the wires that came out of the loom, particularly several lengths of ground wires. They'll no doubt get reused where possible.

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posted on 31/12/21 at 08:11 PM Reply With Quote
I always make my own from scratch and keep the engine seperate. Makes swapping them easier
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posted on 1/1/22 at 10:35 AM Reply With Quote
Originally posted by big_wasa
I always make my own from scratch and keep the engine seperate. Makes swapping them easier

Me too, I use the old Lucas standard colours for the regular equipment, and have developed my own standard for the engine, based mainly round the ExtraEFI colours.

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