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Author: Subject: long awaited return
Striker Returns

posted on 5/4/22 at 05:02 PM Reply With Quote
long awaited return

Hi . I built my Striker in 1998 and used it until 2001. It was parked in my mothers garage temporarily but that turned out longer than expected. Well 21 years to be exact. I have now decided that the time is right to get it back on the road now other hobbies, houses and kids are under better control.
Unfortunately time has not been kind along with a leaking garage roof the Striker is looking poorly. luckily the engine has been turned regularly and has not seized but all 4 corners have seized brakes. I have removed the shoes and callipers to allow it to roll and be recovered home before i properly consider way forward.
Initially it looks like the powder coating is in reasonable shape but there are a few areas where it looks like surface rust has crept under the coating.
The Ally panels are looking rough so i may re-panel as this will give me a better look at the chassis.
I would like to change to bias brakes and move the steering column to a more centre location. I have a quick rack ready to install and i need new callipers, so maybe change to HiSpec and non vented discs.
I would like to fit a cage as I don't feel as indestructible now as i did 21 years ago .
Engine is a Xflow built by Vulcan to 145hp on webers. I have a megajolt ready to go in but may go for a Speeduino as is more modern.

A couple of question i do have are:

What is best to paint the chassis with. I have heard that POR15 is good. Areas that i sprayed with hammerite during the build look like the worst areas affected by surface corrosion
What Radiators are people using now. I have seen VW polo but does anyone know what year/part Number
How is the radiator mounted, current has mk2 escort rad.
What size mastercyclinders are being used for m16/Hispec fronts and 9" drum rears.

Any photos would be welcome. I know this forum can be a bit quiet but i hope to keep posting updates, although progress will not be quick.


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posted on 5/4/22 at 08:57 PM Reply With Quote
Welcome back!!

I can throw my experience / thoughts towards some of your questions.

1) After much googling and video watching I sourced and used POR15 about 7 years ago. It was not easy to get and was expensive. The 3 stage kit I got was impressive though. All the videos etc mention getting a proper mask. You must do this, I have never smelt something soo strong in my life, God knows what it contains. Probably why it was had to get!! The results were impressive, it does dry REALLY hard. Unsure it is that much better then a decent 3 stage process if I'm honest. Maybe just get the rust converter and prep properly with cheaper / locally sourced 2 stage.

2) Just search on eBay for polo kit car aluminium radiator. There are loads. The feed / return are on the same side. Mine is mounted in all 4 corners, hard fixed IIRC. I can send some pictures on mine on my striker if you U2U me your email address.

3) I have Willwood powerlights and std Sierra rear discs so can't help with master cylinder size. I could tell you what mine are but that might not be of use.

Good luck with the refurb. Nice to hear another striker is coming back. Are you going to be mainly road or track.

Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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Striker Returns

posted on 6/4/22 at 07:00 AM Reply With Quote
Photos of the radiator would be great. I have sent you my email address. I don't suppose you have any photos of your pedal box as well. .mine is the top mounted one.
I really can't believe that I have left the car for so long but hopefully it should be back running soon.

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posted on 6/4/22 at 09:05 AM Reply With Quote
I used this Polo rad in my last Tiger.

It always did a good job and was easy to install. The bottom of it sat in a bracket on the chassis. The top has plastic recesses that you can tap and use a bolt for a simple L shaped bracket (mine came from Wilko!) connected to the chassis. I used a Fiesta fan with it, held on with these.


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Tiger Super Six Independent

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posted on 6/4/22 at 09:08 AM Reply With Quote
I have a few photos of my radiator/mount that may be of use, i removed the original escort radiator brackets and made new brackets that holds the polo radiator and cooling fan, as well as the nosecone - my car originally had the 1 piece bonnet, but i cut the nosecone off as per the late sylva and raw strikers.

The part no of the radiator is in one of the pictures.

The master cylinder may be a difficult item to source new - my car has an escort ate non servo cylinder which is now totally obsolete, all the available escort replacements are for servo assisted systems and have larger bores which are unsuitable.

You are looking for a 19mm (3/4" bore, possible available options are spitfire and sj410 non servo cylinders, some modifications may be needed to fit these to the sylva pedalbox.


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posted on 6/4/22 at 04:04 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Striker Returns.....

Great to read that the Striker is being recommissioned.

Where are you based? I'm in Leicestershire/Derbyshire if that helps with looking at Striker's.

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Striker Returns

posted on 6/4/22 at 05:21 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for all of the helpful comments.

The polo Rads look much better than the escort item and will hopefully be light as well.
I hope to change to dual master cylinders with a bias bar rather than a dual circuit MC. I'll poke around on the Locost forum as i'm sure the braking is roughly the same.
Are there any advantages to 4 point harnesses over 3 point. I need to replace the existing one anyway and can add in extra fixings while the mig welder is warmed up. Where do fixings for 5 or 6 point harnesses go while I'm at it. Th original ones where slightly too long. Are they made to measure or just caterham/westfield sizes

I intend to use the car mainly on road although Snetterton is quite close to me so maybe a few track days a year.

Trailer is hired for next Wednesday to recover the car from London back to Norwich. Last of the clutter to be cleared from the garage this weekend.

It all brings back memories of the build and at least for now , motivation is high.

Please post any photos of your cars, especially of pedal boxes, radiator mounts, cages and complete cars for me to gather ideas. Any information is gratefully received

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Striker Returns

posted on 14/4/22 at 06:29 AM Reply With Quote
Well the Striker is now home. A good wash made it look much more presentable. Getting it on and off the trailer was interesting but doable with various bits of wood to adjust ground clearance. Plan for tomorrow is to get the engine running. Need to go through and check static ignition timing and pump out the old fuel. From memory, i think static timing should be 10 BTDC for a crossflow.
I really want to try today , but promised diy takes priority.

Would like to add a photo, but not sure how.

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posted on 14/4/22 at 04:52 PM Reply With Quote
Hi ya, yeah static timing is 10 degrees btdc. Depending on how long it's been sat, I'd probably make sure the oil is changed along with a new filter, battery is fully charged, Id then take out the plugs and turn it over to get the new oil where it should be before getting it fired up. I didn't quite do this when i got mine back after 20 years and the engine has been expensive with lots needing changed after I wore it out quickly.
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Striker Returns

posted on 16/4/22 at 06:20 AM Reply With Quote
well the car is now home. Changed the oil and filter yesterday and pumped out the fuel tank. Spun over to get some oil pressure eventually after cleaning up the electrical connections. Rechecked static ignition timing and gave it a spin with a stray of easy start. It didn't go. Looks like i have a rotor arm issue.
I have spark from the coil but not at the plugs. The contact on the rotor arm is very loose. I did give the rivet a whack but didnt work. I'm back in London on tuesday so i'll pick up one from Burtons. They now appear to be made differently being red and have the contact moulded in. Frustratingly they do not have a new side entry in stock, so will order that elsewhere.

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Striker Returns

posted on 24/12/22 at 12:11 PM Reply With Quote
Christmas came early

Just received my seats from KAD. Well pleased with how they are made and the price. Car is moving on and will be ready to put back together in the new year. Engine issues turned out to be the Lumentation ignition. I went back to point to get it running and then to megajolt. (Had the kit for twenty years). Pedal box has been re fabricated for twin master cylinders and bosses welded in for 4 point harnesses and roll cage. Just got to finalise the steering colume before finishing paint on the chassis. Merry Christmas

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posted on 24/12/22 at 07:26 PM Reply With Quote
I run 0.625 Master cylinder on solid 232 discs with Hi Spec Ultralite and 0.7 on RMD/Audi calipers at the rear.
Hope this helps

Nick M

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