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Author: Subject: Wanted: Tyre recommendation for seven.

posted on 9/5/22 at 08:58 AM Reply With Quote
Wanted: Tyre recommendation for seven.

Hi all.

It's time for some new shoes for the car; Haynes Roadster so 15" only I'm afraid.

What I'm looking for. Summer Road Tyres - Not track day tyres. All of my miles are on the road and I get through expensive track day tyres too fast to justify the cost. I also seem to get caught in the rain from time to time. So no R888 etc please. I've had them, they are good but not what I need right now.

The sizes I would like to try are 185/60 R15 and 205/60 R15. This should give me a little more ground clearance which were I now live would be valuable and also a bit more compliance. I'm happy to loose a bit of overall grip compared to the likes of the R888's in exchange for these criteria. Would prefer the same pattern front and rear but they can be different. Still want a decent amount of grip though so no ditch finders either.

So anyone know any suitable tyres that fit the brief?

I read that the Uniroyal rain experts were getting good reviews a few years ago but they are now on iteration 5 so they are not the same tyre that everyone was talking about back then.

Edit: Also considering 175/65 R15 with 195/65 R15 Much larger selection within these sizes.


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posted on 9/5/22 at 09:53 AM Reply With Quote
The problem with most car tyres is they are aimed at cars over 1000kg and whilst they will be very hard wearing on a 7 style car they will never feel that good IMHO. I have tried Yoko A539 in the past in the road and a wet track and went back to the old R888 which were so much more comfortable and gave more grip that the A539 even on the road in the rain.

Tyres are your only point of contact (obviously). If they wear a little quicker then that is the cost of safety.

To get any good tyre on a 7 I think you really need to still look at 'track day' compounds but maybe with a more traditional tread pattern. What about the Yoko AD08RS? Some reviews say they are on the 'hard' side of a track day compound. They are available in 15" sizes although not the profile you wanted to try but then not many 185/205 15" tyres are in 60 profile.

Edit to add I have Rainsports on a Campervan with a max weight of 3200kg which are very good but thats a little different

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posted on 9/5/22 at 10:04 AM Reply With Quote
I've used the Uniroyals and currently have them fitted to my tin top as Rainsport 3 and on my wifes as Rainsport 5's. My current kit isn't on the road yet but that is having 5's fitted. I don't see any other choices in conventional tyres being better, wish they would bring back the Toyo T1R tyres though

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posted on 9/5/22 at 11:06 AM Reply With Quote
I would say you might struggle to fit those sizes under your arches, the increase in profile will make the tyre a lot taller, i found this out when i used some a021r's that were an f2 stock car control tyre that i got for next to nothing, only 70 instead of 60 profile - they wouldn't fit under the front wings at all, and rubbed at the rear under cornering load.

You might want to get to a local hillclimb and see which current list 1a tyres are being used, i know scudo stunner and marangoni zeta linea were well rated but i don't know if either are still available, or have been replaced by something better.

There was someone on here selling pilot sport 2 15" ex race tyres (iirc they were used as control wets) that were generally in the 5mm range with scrubbed tread, might be worth a search.


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posted on 9/5/22 at 11:55 AM Reply With Quote


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posted on 9/5/22 at 03:37 PM Reply With Quote
I have Toyo TR1's fitted, they seem quite good, 55 quid each back in 2020. I wanted same thing....good grippy road tyres, and capable in the wet, also not as expensive as track tires. I did some research and came up with the TR1's.

I think they replaced the Toyo T1R's that I used to have, might be wrong on that though.

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