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Author: Subject: help me identify a crossflow AX block

posted on 3/2/05 at 08:49 PM Reply With Quote
help me identify a crossflow AX block

I think i've got an AX block!!!!!!!!

first time i've ever noticed the 711m branding isn't on the block where it normally is. Its just blank.

BUT........... to the left of the engine mount is a number that ends AX.

Can someone confirm how to identify a crossflow AX block (and what its worth - already bored to 1700cc)

cheers, Mike

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posted on 4/2/05 at 12:51 AM Reply With Quote

Generally the 7II 1600 block is regarded as a good block and I have heard 95% will bore to 85mm. I am not getting into the "T" numbers as half believe the best is a low T number and the other halve believe the best is a high T number.Depending where you are in the world the 711 is easy to get.
There is an other block that superseeded the 711 which is regarded as the best, they are known as "AX" blocks and and have a casting number "831C" the 83 refers to the year the were introduced in S.Africa, the story goes that they were intrduced for a diesel but this is not true,they were fitted to Cortina pick up's and the Sierria 1600's as S.Africa did not have 1600 Pinto engines, only 2litre modles.
Not all the 831C blocks had the AX cast into them (the 831c is behind the alternator and the AX on the inlet side as far as I remember)These blocks can also be identified by what some people think is two dip-stick holes, the hole on the left side of the engine was used for an oil level indicator and the one on the right side (inlet side) was just the normal dip-stick.
S.Africa was the last place to manufacture these blocks and the story goes when they finished Xlow production a cirtain British
tuning company bought all the old "AX" motors and imported them to England.

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Bridge Auto Spares

posted on 30/11/20 at 01:06 PM Reply With Quote
831C engine

Hi all

Thanks for letting me join you I have a 831c ax engine if any of your members are interested the engine is still std.

ns it is in South Africa where they were cast can be bored to 1800cc.

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