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Author: Subject: Front Callipers - Willwood?
Nick Davison

posted on 21/1/24 at 06:02 PM Reply With Quote
Front Callipers - Willwood?

Probably been talked to death before but does anyone have any experience running Willwood 4 or 6 pot callipers on a 7?

Or maybe suggest another supplier?

Used on the road but looking to do trackdays as well.

I have sera uprights with cosworth vented discs and adaptor plates for standard siera single pot callipers and am looking to change to something more convincing in the stopping department. I thought of the Willwood for size reputation and looks. I have 17" rims so should be ok for room and the car weighs 700kg.


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posted on 21/1/24 at 06:35 PM Reply With Quote
I have wilwood powerlites on the Fury. These are the ones with no dust seals so you have to clean them from time to time.
The midilite has seals

Bought as part of a group buy way back when.
Generally speaking you won't see the need for vented discs on such a light car as you want to keep the weight down.
A better solution is to duct air to the rotors.

I believe that there was only one trck on the RGB calendar where brake fade was an issue. Their trick was to make sure they had new pads in for that race, as a bit of extra meat on the pad helped. If I remember correctly.

I dont think nowadays there are an suppliers which are to be avoided, but maybe someone knows better? In the past there was.

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Nick Davison

posted on 28/3/24 at 04:50 PM Reply With Quote
As a followup.

I had a chat with a chap at Donington Track Day on Tuesday who was running a NA 2.0l with about 180hp I think and with cortina standard callipers. He was using Green Stuff pads on that standard setup but had no issues with stopping capability.

So I will be looking to go with a better performance pad to start with and if it gets to be too much work to stand on the brake pedal I'll look at wilwood midlites.

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Nick Davison

posted on 28/4/24 at 11:29 AM Reply With Quote
Fitted Green Stuff - worked well

I went ahead and changed the standard pads for EBC Green stuff pads in my standard sierra callipers on 287mm vented discs. The immediate result appears to be excellent, stopping power has increased significantly.

I may still look at fitting Willwood 4 pot callipers in the future but think that this simple change may have been enough (for now).

EBC also do yellow stuff which has a higher friction coefficient (6) than Green (5.5) and a higher temp but still road pads, that may be an option for anyone looking to increase stopping power.


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posted on 28/4/24 at 12:09 PM Reply With Quote
You'd probably find that with vented discs, You'd struggle to get enough Hest into the brakes to need the yellow pads.

Like pigeondave, I'm running wilwood powerlight calipers on solid escort 1.3 discs and mintex1144 pads. Never really had issues overheating them either on track or hammering them down alpine passes.
I did do a charity track event where we gave punters a hot lap. At the end you had to stop from close to v-max and pull straight into the pit to drop off one passenger before loading the next. Several owners of cars with carbon ceramic brake equipped cars, couldn't understand how I could do multiple laps when they could only fo one and then had to wait 15min before the next.

"A witty saying proves nothing" Voltaire

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posted on 29/4/24 at 05:46 PM Reply With Quote
You seem to have lots of space for big discs and calipers so appropriate pads alone should do the job for you. For info I run Willwood Dynalite 4 pot calipers with 'small ' discs ( 240 mm ) inside 13 in wheels. Never had a problem with the calipers but as stated above they do not have dust seals so keep an eye open and keep them clean. ( Willwoods being ali are of course massively lighter than any cast iron production caliper if that is important to you - unsprung weight! )
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