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Author: Subject: McSorley +4 Chassis
John P

posted on 15/4/24 at 04:48 PM Reply With Quote
McSorley +4 Chassis


A long time ago I started building a car based on the McSorley+4 chassis plans.

I built the chassis which is basically complete apart from the round tube diagonal braces and the two hoops which form the luggage area behind the seats.

I also collected together a lot of the then popular running gear including a 2.0 litre Zetec Silvertop, MT75 gearbox, a DeDion rear axle, Sierra diff, sierra drive shafts and rear uprights, Cortina Front Uprights, Sierra Steering Column and Escort Rack but all of this is in "as bought" condition.

Reluctantly I've had to accept I'll never do the build so need to decide what to do with the parts.

I suspect things have moved on so far that none of this is really of current interest but I'm also reluctant to simply scrap it.

So, do I cut up the chassis and keep the box section for any future use or is it likely to be of any value / use?

Also should I simply bite the bullet and scrap the running gear or try to get something for it on e-bay?

I also have a running Austin 7 Ulsteroid which needs a new windscreen and if I could get something towards the cost of this by selling the above bits that would probably be my best outcome.

What would you do?


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posted on 16/4/24 at 08:09 AM Reply With Quote
The engine lump and drivetrain components would definitely have some value, I would stick them on Ebay and see if you get any interest. I would not advice just scrapping these, I'm sure there is some value in them.

Regarding the Chassis, I would struggle to answer this, again it might be worth just putting some solid photos and description of the chassis and see if it is of any use to anyone whole. If not, cutting the chassis up and using the box section for yourself doesn't sound like a bad idea, albeit time consuming for relatively small lengths of tubing.

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