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Author: Subject: Luego Velocity XT

posted on 17/5/24 at 08:18 AM Reply With Quote
Luego Velocity XT

Hi all,
I've just bought myself a Luego with a 1.8 Zetec. I've had numerous performance cars over the years, but this is my first 7 type. Possibly the most fun car I have driven, though I'm already looking to put a tuned 2l in it over the winter, after using this summer to iron out any niggles and make it my own.

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posted on 17/5/24 at 09:41 AM Reply With Quote
Welcome aboard the forum and to 7 type ownership & driving.

They're certainly a big step away from tin top performance cars. Enjoy your learning curve and take it easy (certainly on damp roads).

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posted on 17/5/24 at 10:40 AM Reply With Quote
These cars are great fun but do be aware of the warning from Nick205.

Rear wheel drive can bite you on the bum in such a lightweight/over-powered little car.

I grew up driving RWD Escorts and Capri's and thought I understood the problem...

...but that didn't stop me from putting my car through a hedge on wet/damp roads early on in my Se7en driving career

A new radiator and repairs to the nosecone (plus the dent in my pride) was a relatively small price to pay for that lesson


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rusty nuts

posted on 17/5/24 at 01:13 PM Reply With Quote
Probably sorted now but Luego had a problem with the crush tubes in the suspension arms being too short causing noisy and non compliant suspension, loads of info in the Luego section , well worth the effort of sorting it out if it hasnít been done! Have fun but as others have said, even with relatively low power , these cars can bite
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posted on 18/5/24 at 07:48 AM Reply With Quote
Re. the suspension arms, most of these have been replaced with rose joints, which appear to work very well. The whole suspension gives a very compliant ride, which I was very surprised about. I have been over it and everything moves freely. It's got AVO dampers, which I always looked at as a budget option, but they control the springs very well so far.

Having owned two TVR Chimaeras and a 4l Tuscan, as well as a 420hp VX220, 625hp M3 etc, I'm used to driving sideways while looking out of the side windows. With the weight of the Luego and the seating position, pretty much over the back wheels, you can feel the back end starting to step out before it happens. Great fun, although I'll avoid going out when rain is forecast, as it is wearing A048 boots!

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