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Author: Subject: Stick with 4age? or something different??

posted on 20/5/24 at 12:29 PM Reply With Quote
Stick with 4age? or something different??

Hello all,

I've been thinking recently of swapping out my Toyota 4age (running in front of a Type9) for something else, as it needs abit of a refresh, and parts are becoming rare and expensive.

My two thoughts are a Zetec SE - I could retain the gearbox, and conversion parts are aplenty.

Or stick with the Toyota stable, and fit a 2ZZ. Gearbox adaptors to a J160 are available, and seem a good upgrade. Alittle more challenging to mount, but 190 bhp from the off.

Then again, do I just bite the bullet and keep the already plumbing in motor?

Any advice or experiences would be fantastic.

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posted on 20/5/24 at 09:21 PM Reply With Quote
I don't know much about the 4age but it's iron block so probably fairly heavy.

I would've gone with duratec on my build but it wouldn't fit under the bonnet of the Stylus without adding a bulge. But if it will fit then I think that would be the way to go, all aluminium and easy to get 200+ hp from. And if you want more power than the type9 can handle then the MK3 Mazda MX5 gearboxes bolt straight to them

In the end I went with the 1.7 Zetec se from a Puma, mine makes 160hp on throttle bodies and standard cams. I'm thinking of adding a pair of fast roads cams to get another 20 or so hp from it.

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posted on 20/5/24 at 10:50 PM Reply With Quote
As a 4A-GE owner I feel your pain.

I have the ST 20v and have VVTI cam pulley rattle. Replacements simply don't exist anymore. As there is a colt global following I'm even thinking of getting some made and selling them!

If I had a few Łk to spend on an engine rebuild or replacement I would also consider duratec or maybe even turbo mx5.

It all depends on the target power figures and home skills but I would say that rebuilding the 4a-ge will most likely be cheaper and easier and you can still aim for big power if you want. It's also a unique and respected engine. That's why I bought another in the end.

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Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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posted on 23/5/24 at 09:02 AM Reply With Quote
Zetec SE has the intake and exhaust on opposite sides to the 4age so would end up being expensive and complex by the time you factor in new exhaust manifold, filling bonnet holes etc. Ditto for Duratec and Honda K20.

Blacktop/silvertop/st170 zetec would fit, but again they are an iron block so they are heavy. Not as cheap as they once were as all of the banger/oval racers use them now, but still plentiful.

The other option is K series rover. Getting rarer, but a lovely light revvy engine. Fitted in Caterhams for years so all the bits for RWD fitment to type9 box are available. If I changed I'd probably go for that, but for now I'm happy with the 4AGE, it's a very characterful engine.

No idea about the 2ZZ option I'm afraid, but it doesn't seem to be used very much as a RWD option which would probably put me off a bit, it's always nice to have a well developed solution so that when you have a problem the likelihood is that others have already experienced and solved it!

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