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Author: Subject: Brookland Aeroscreens
Mark Allanson

posted on 15/4/14 at 09:33 PM Reply With Quote
Brookland Aeroscreens

I am thinking of getting a pair of these aeroscreens, can anyone vouch for their efficiency? or any comment on their suitability?

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mark chandler

posted on 15/4/14 at 09:42 PM Reply With Quote
I have a single one on my car, it is surprisingly good !

In the rain the majority of the water went either side my head, you do not get the problems of a full screen where it feels as if you need a wiper on the inside as well.

Drove it a few weeks ago in the cold without a hat on, very little buffeting so I went further than planned.

Regards Mark

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David Jenkins

posted on 15/4/14 at 09:56 PM Reply With Quote
I used to have a pair on my car for a while - they do lift the wind and flies up over your head, but obviously have no effect on gravel or bumble bees - or stag beetles, which sometimes fly around where I live. This meant that I still felt the need to wear a full-face helmet. It depends on how brave you are...

Eventually the wife & I got fed up with having to wear a helmet so I fitted a full screen. The screen resulted in far more buffeting than the aeroscreens, until I fitted small deflectors on each side.

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