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News and announcements related to the site
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6/12/17 at 11:01 PM
by ChrisW
New Thread
New Members  
The place for new members to introduce themselves and their projects
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New Thread
Welcome Back  
Been away for a while? Tell us what you have been up to here.
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3/12/17 at 07:55 AM
by pick
New Thread
Project Diaries  
Build threads for projects being carried out by site members
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11/12/17 at 03:30 PM
by Freestyle_998
New Thread
General Construction Discussion
Discussion relevant to those in the early stages of construction.
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4/12/17 at 11:49 AM
by JMW
New Thread
Donor Cars  
Discussion related to donor cars and parts
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20/11/17 at 12:37 PM
by thepeck
New Thread
Running Gear  
Anything to do with axles, suspension, steering and related topics goes here.
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11/12/17 at 10:26 PM
by craigdiver
New Thread
Engine & Transmission  
Can't get your car running or just want to squeeze out a few more bhp? This is the place to discuss it!
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12/12/17 at 12:03 AM
by PorkChop
New Thread
For all your electrical problems, including lighting issues.
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10/12/17 at 11:04 PM
by AlexXtreme
New Thread
Bodywork & Exterior  
For topics related to Bodywork and exterior issues.
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11/12/17 at 03:31 PM
by Tazzzzman1
New Thread
Interior & Seating  
Issues related to interior construction eg dashboard, seating, panelling or trimming
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4/12/17 at 07:27 PM
by Angel Acevedo
New Thread
Tools and techniques  
Sponsored by Machine Mart
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30/11/17 at 08:40 PM
by coyoteboy
New Thread
IVA / Legal  
For your IVA and other legal issues
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11/12/17 at 10:38 PM
by birdii
New Thread
Race Issues  
For additional issues involved in building cars for the 750MC race series.
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10/12/17 at 12:30 PM
by richard munnis
New Thread
Fuel injection / EFI  
Talk about fuel injection systems for your car including aftermarket conversions
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1/12/17 at 05:57 PM
by r1_pete
New Thread
Market Place
For Sale  
Flog the stuff you don't want or pick up the bits you do!
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11/12/17 at 11:04 PM
by Gersen
New Thread
Need a specific part? Ask in here
15490 72074
11/12/17 at 10:16 PM
by JacksAvon
New Thread
Bargains elsewhere  
Seen a bargain on another website? Tell us all about it in here
6266 32748
26/11/17 at 08:59 PM
by matty h
New Thread
Traders' Offers  
Special offers from registered traders
323 352
13/9/17 at 07:56 AM
by FASTdan
New Thread
Car Specific Forums
Luego Locost, Velocity and Viento  
Discussion of the Luego Locost, Velocity and Viento
1782 15741
25/11/17 at 09:51 PM
by big_wasa
New Thread
MK Indy & GT1  
Construction issues specific to MK's Indy & GT1
4803 43719
24/11/17 at 08:59 AM
by CosKev3
New Thread
Tiger Avon  
Construction issues specific to the Tiger Avon
1032 8306
19/11/17 at 10:49 PM
by ianhurley20
New Thread
GTS Panther & Challenger  
For builders of the GTS 'De Dion' car and other similar models
497 5393
22/10/17 at 04:23 PM
by sammini7
New Thread
MNR Vortx  
For builders of the MNR Vortx cars
1508 17521
29/10/17 at 08:11 AM
by kingster996
New Thread
Mac #1  
The long awaited forum for builders off Mac #1 Sevens
536 5388
11/10/17 at 09:37 PM
by jonabonospen
New Thread
Haynes Roadster & Single seater  
Talk about the Haynes Roadster and upcoming single seater plans
303 4368
9/12/17 at 01:27 PM
by Minicooper
New Thread
Jeremy Phillips cars  
Cars from the JP stable, including the Striker, Fury, Phoenix, Riot, J15 and many more.
263 2794
10/12/17 at 02:06 PM
by martinnitram
New Thread
Locost Inspired
Discussion for those building 'bike engine' cars
9005 77654
11/12/17 at 07:29 PM
by emlyno
New Thread
Mid Engine  
Discussion related to mid-engine variants
1471 21801
4/12/17 at 01:30 PM
by drt
New Thread
Three Wheeled  
Chat about Locost inspired Trikes
292 3252
7/11/17 at 07:45 PM
by Andi
New Thread
For those that have defected to the dark side!
77 591
4/4/17 at 06:59 PM
by PorkChop
New Thread
Completed Cars
Maintenance & Modifications  
Any maintenance or modification ideas for finished cars
679 5903
10/12/17 at 05:41 PM
by nick-york
New Thread
Driving experiences and discussion
1948 19081
1/12/17 at 07:55 AM
by AntonUK
New Thread
Sponsored by Adrian Flux Insurance
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11/11/17 at 09:04 AM
by ianhurley20
New Thread
For discussion of the 750MC race series. Note: Construction issues have their own topic!
633 5178
28/11/17 at 03:46 AM
by cosmicicecreamman
New Thread
Track Days  
For discussion and planning of track days
230 2603
19/11/17 at 10:35 AM
by Fandango
New Thread
Locost Related  
For any Locost related chat on a subject not covered by other areas.
6232 68098
9/12/17 at 09:20 AM
by theduck
New Thread
Clubs & Events  
Announce your Locost club events and builders groups here.
5063 50686
8/12/17 at 08:41 AM
by WallerZero
New Thread
Anything Else Car Related  
Any other stuff you want to talk about on a car theme
9242 99976
12/12/17 at 12:01 AM
New Thread
Non-Car Chat  
If it's not car related, but not mad enough for 'Mad House', it goes here
28753 318959
10/12/17 at 12:51 PM
by Mike Wood
New Thread
Mad House  
Jokes, links, and any other (non-Locost related) stuff
5375 30731
30/9/17 at 01:26 PM
by FuryRebuild
New Thread
Website Discussion, Problems & Suggestions  
Any discussions regarding this website ONLY please raise them in here
1379 11860
5/12/17 at 04:15 PM
by mistergrumpy
New Thread
Computer/other site Problems  
Any other PC related problem you want to share
3512 28845
10/11/17 at 06:17 PM
by jacko
New Thread
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