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Author: Subject: I've got brakes again!
David Jenkins

posted on 21/3/16 at 07:46 PM Reply With Quote
I've got brakes again!

For the past umpteen years I've been using general-purpose brake pads in my car's Cortina calipers; they've been OK - just 'OK' - but I've always found the pedal a bit soft, although the brakes did do their job.

A couple of years ago I tried Mintex M1144 pads, and didn't find them any better - and they squealed every time I stopped - so I went back to the general-purpose ones. This week I decided to try again, but with a different installation method: when I bought them, they came with thin self-adhesive rubber sheets that were intended to reduce squeal (they never did). This time, I took the rubber things off and just used the standard metal shims.

What a difference! I now have a firm brake pedal, and LOADS of braking ability on the front. In fact, I'll have to re-educate my right foot as I managed to lock one or both front wheels when pressing the pedal hard (I was playing/testing). Braking effort is now very impressive.

I can't wait to see what they are like when the are fully bedded in...

The older I get, the better I was...

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Xtreme Kermit

posted on 21/3/16 at 09:20 PM Reply With Quote
Good result!
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