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Author: Subject: Hearing

posted on 22/9/17 at 11:48 PM Reply With Quote

After years of suffering from tinnitus I have been given 2 hearing aids to try and help with the 24/7 constant screaming that I hear. So with that anyone young or old use hearing protection when using power or air tools, they think when I was serving my time as a construction plant fitter where we were in noise all the time and were never given anything to protect from the noise has caused this. Look after your hearing it it shIte having to put up with this and if I could go back and start again ear plugs and defenders all the time.

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posted on 23/9/17 at 05:51 AM Reply With Quote
Totally agree, having also suffered from it for many years, I would just love to sit it a silent room and not have the constant high pitched whistle in my ears. My was caused, I believe by working in the motor trade, motorsport and above all rock concerts over the last forty five years, which I still do. As hearbear says look after your ears, it's too late for me now and I would also add eyes to that.
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posted on 23/9/17 at 10:12 AM Reply With Quote
and i agree use protection for your ear's
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posted on 24/9/17 at 11:04 AM Reply With Quote
A brisk drive in the Kittycar takes my mind off my incessant tinnitus

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David Jenkins

posted on 24/9/17 at 05:07 PM Reply With Quote
Years ago I used to do full-bore rifle and pistol shooting. Always wore ear protection, but once or twice (only) I lifted my earmuffs just as someone fired. I now have some tinnitus - not bad, but it never improves and may get worse.

Driving the Locost without ear protection can also leave me with earache after a long run in windy conditions. Obviously this isn't helping, and I know that I do need to be more careful.

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posted on 25/9/17 at 09:15 AM Reply With Quote
Agreed - use ear defenders/protection!

I use it myself quite happily, never fretted about looking odd or standing out. After a head injury in 2014 I'm stone deaf in my right ear so lloking after my left ear has become even more important to me.

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